Citadel Securities: Computers, stock market managers

Citadel Securities trading platform has quietly become one of the largest forces in the US stock market. С 35-го этажа офисного здания в центре Чикаго Citadel заключает в Соединенных Штатах одну сделку с акциями из каждых восьми. She trades approximately 900 millions of lots of shares per day. More promotions go through Citadel systems, than through the New York Stock Exchange (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE), which trades approximately 700 millions of lots of shares per day. If you own a retirement account or have ever used the services of an online broker, то ваши сделки почти наверняка прошли через Citadel. The most striking fact about the floor of the exchange is, how eerily quiet he looks. The trading floor is "run" by approximately 40 human, but they only watch computers, which use algorithms to fill in and send exchange orders.