Shares and cryptocurrencies. Similarities and differences

Many potential investors, who want to enter the cryptocurrency market, have never encountered such financial instruments before. However, most of them have at least some understanding of the stock market.. Alas, this knowledge will not do them well when trading digital currencies. Let's take a look at the main differences and similarities between stocks and cryptocurrencies..

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STOCK !!! Summer price declines at GT Capital

GT Capital is holding a super promotion : Summer price reduction !!! Start tariff: Commission 2,5$ behind 1 000 shares regardless of the traded volume per month The first month of the Takion platform Free Minimum deposit 1 000$ Leverage from 1 to 30 100% payment to the trader Deposit and withdrawal of money during 2-5 Read more here:

Reduced commission on trading NYSE shares

Хорошие новости! Starting November 1st, we will reduce commissions on trading in NYSE shares to 0,6$ behind 100 Shares. This is the best offer on the CIS market today for trading NYSE stocks. Комиссию 0,6$ behind 100 shares are received by all clients, regardless of the volume of traded. And also more good news awaits everyone.! In the next few days will be published […]

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