Ways to get smarter

Кофе и сигареты. Coffee boosts brain speed, а сигареты делают мышление острее и точнее. Эффект в обоих случаях длится недолго, не говоря уже о долгосрочных последствиях для здоровья. Для некурящих — кофе и пончик. Комбинация глюкозы и кофеина повышает внимательность. Жвачка повышает концентрацию сильнее, than caffeine, Really, the effect lasts only 20 minutes. Рисуйте и чертите. Если размышлять о проблеме и параллельно что-нибудь рисовать, это повысит концентрацию и усилит память. Drink energy. They have a double effect: за счет своего химического состава и в качестве плацебо (потребитель уверен в их действенности). Если не хотите вредить здоровью, просто пяльтесь на банку. This also has an effect.: автогонщики с брендированием Red Bull на машинах чувствуют себя сильнее, быстрее и отчаяннее, потому что именно с этими качествами ассоциируется энергетик. А их соперники наоборот.

Diluted by Coffee Futures.

I sold coffee futures using system # 4, but it closed today on foot. Placed a sell order again (restart) and went for a bike ride. Came back — смотрю, the sell order was triggered and the price immediately ran far up beyond the potential stop level. Until I began to close — in any case I will close on monday — I give a chance for the price to decrease so that the loss is not so big. This one was lit…..

What Will You Sow, Then And You Reap…

Came back from a run, and here….  Merges on shares, mostly, System # 3 for shares, but it recovers faster than all systems. Here is an example of an FTO stock closed today:

Well, we continue to reap the benefits of futures, sown earlier, mostly, for Systems No. 1 and No. 2. The third and fourth systems are still holding. Here are the most interesting episodes.

Gold Futures:

Gasoline Futures:

Australian Dollar Futures:

Coffee Futures:

Аналитика фьючерсов.

Is it by chance that the last few days have been growing at a frantic pace in the price of OVES and COFFEE at the same time??

After analyzing the situation, I came to some reason that they grow for some reason, but these reasons are not the main thing, а главное, why do they rise in price simultaneously. Suppose, that the leading in this pair is COFFEE and supposedly, increased interest in this drink is expected. And the most interesting thing, that OVSA is used to make a coffee surrogate, hence, these two simultaneously rapidly growing instruments betray the impending scam of the century — bulk mixing of ground coffee with oats — and this mixture will be passed off as natural 100% coffee. That is, the future scam betrayed itself with giblets on the charts of futures instruments — COFFEE and OATS. So be careful when buying ground coffee. — there may be surprises in the form of ground oats.

Current market position

Roller skating for half a day. First in the park on Elagin Island, breathing clean air. Then it got bored and decided to take a ride around the city to Palace Square along the embankments and other back streets — заодно, breathe in gasoline vapors to prevent the body from relaxing. Just arrived, took a shower and wrote down all opened and closed positions.
Positions for platinum and coffee were opened using the trend-following system. Gold and silver also grow well..



Individual stocks also continue to bounce.. Some closed again by take profit 10%. For example DNDN:

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