Baidu Company – How it works ?

Baidu's market cap is "only" $67 billion against $368 billion in Alibaba Group and $340 billion in Tencent. Revenue for 2017 year - $12 billion in growth 20%, EBITDA profitability - 32%. The multiplier to revenue is two times lower, than Alibaba and Tencent: On the one side, due to not so fast growth, but most importantly, investors are much less optimistic about future success. It could seem, that the company is "so-so", but firstly, $67 billion is seven "Yandex", and secondly, she has or has had products in major online markets, without Baidu, the entire Chinese Internet would be completely different. Separately, it can be noted, what did Baidu cost in the summer $98 billion, but Chinese companies are having a hard time due to trade wars, and IT companies too, you can write a separate article on this topic.

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 06.10.2016

● Yandex.Money has launched a money transfer service using iMessage technology, with which you can now transfer and receive funds from wallet to wallet. The international payment service WebMoney began to cooperate with the Viber messenger., who have opened an account with WebMoney have the opportunity to replenish their accounts in the paid Viber Out function for calls to devices, which do not have Viber installed or are offline.

Shenzhen stock exchange (Shenzhen Stock Exchange — SZSE)

ШЭНЬЧЖЭНЬСКАЯ ФОНДОВАЯ БИРЖА — фондовая биржа в Китае, located in Shenzhen city. Is a non-profit organization managed by the PRC Securities Commission. Started work 1 December 1990 of the year, becoming the first stock exchange in the history of New China. Stocks of state-owned companies are mainly traded on the exchange.. IN 1990 году молодая Шэньчжэньская фондовая биржа пережила спокойный период, hot period, dead period and fall. Two years later “stock history” вызвала самую бурную лихорадку покупки акций на китайском фондовом рынке.Шэньчжэньская фондовая биржа (Shenzhen Stock Exchange — SZSE) is a member of the Federation of Stock Exchanges of Asia and Oceania.


Jack Ma creator and CEO of the Alibaba Group was born in 1964 year in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, Hangzhou city. As a teenager, he gave tours to all interested tourists for free, thereby improving your knowledge of English. After graduating from university in 1988 year, Ma became an English teacher. His knowledge was so high., that he opened his own translation agency and started working with American companies, doing business in China. IN 1995, he went to the United States as an interpreter, where he contacted his Chinese friend, who at that time lived in Seattle. There he saw for the first time in his life a personal computer with access to the Internet.. Fascinated by what he saw, Ma asked his friend to help him create a website for a translation agency., after which almost immediately began to receive emails with offers of cooperation.


Bankers in a stupor: who will get more money from the sale of Alibaba shares? The fact, that a Chinese company is registered in the Cayman Islands, and the listing will be carried out in the US markets. For a long time, all the media have been trumpeting about, that the IPO of Alibaba Group Holding should be the largest in history, and now bankers spontaneously create big problems for themselves: how do they keep shares, as soon as they start trading? While, how all major IPOs were carried out rigidly and clearly, there are some specific hurdles in the public offering of an e-commerce company.

Chinese threat

According to the latest economic data for China, it's just flourishing there!!!
GDP grew by 11.9%, industrial production at 18%, retail of 18%, car sale on 76%. True, and CPI grew by almost 3%.
Therefore, China can either strengthen the yuan significantly., or increase the amount of reserves, or raise the discount rate. How would it be, it can dampen the demand for comoditis and curb risk appetite, what may affect other markets.
It seems to me. that with such a growth in GDP, they should go to raise the discount rate , everything else will not be able to cope with the gluttonous Chinese.

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