Results 2020 года для BorgWarner: падение прибыли и новые поглощения

BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) — один из крупнейших американских производителей и поставщиков автомобильных комплектующих. Продукция компании включает системы управления двигателем и выхлопными газами, ignition systems, стартеры и генераторы переменного тока и другие детали.

results 2020 of the Year Total: loss on net income and preservation of dividends

  Total (NYSE: TOT) — французская нефтегазодобывающая организация, geological exploration, Prey, переработкой и сбытом углеводородов, также нефтехимией и энергетикой. The company uses oil refineries with a capacity of approximately 2 млн баррелей в день, прежде всего в Европе.

Results of the IPO ALIBABA BABA +3500$ | company share chart

Alibaba stock chart BABA ticker on the day of the IPO As usual, it took a long time to open the stock on the day of the IPO, this is already a tradition on the stock exchange. Originally posted on 60-68$, but on the opening day, placement prices skyrocketed to 92-93 a couple of minutes before the start of trading. We have already decided with many traders in prop, what is placed too high and most likely it will be very dangerous to buy. I had to trade a small volume. Transactions were made at the Takion terminal and there were no problems with execution, in parallel looked at the e-signal charts and the Fusion terminal just in case.

91% on swings !

Allocated a small amount for swing trading in the US stock market in August, I made a separate account for myself and connected the GT WebTrader web terminal I traded very carefully and with minimal risks, Of course, I made a lot of mistakes in that regard, that he did not implement several good ideas when closing positions as a day trader. On 24 September it turned out to be done 91% to the deposit with 10 overnight leverage or 9.1% without shoulder. In fact, he took the maximum 1 to 4 leverage for transferring positions and then once. Didn't trade penny stocks, but there were a lot of ETFs. There were not many deals compared to day trading, and was too selective in the selection of shares. While he says that the super system is early, I think more luck. Let's see what will happen next.  

Итоги недели.

Friday. Subtotals for the week. Intensive workouts to restore fitness. I ran for three days, rode a bike one day, Roller skating for two days, I drink vodka tomorrow.
And here are the systems for US stocks since the beginning of the year. Note — System # 1 began to trade unsystematically, since there are signals during the session and when I am not there, of course, what, что они поступают, what is not — result one.

Systems for futures. There are almost no positions, therefore, while futures have little effect on the overall result.
The following positions are open according to System # 1:

The following positions are open according to System # 2:

System No. 3 is the longest, that's why there are more positions — mostly, which did not close during the last correction, unlike Systems No. 1 and 2.

По Системе №4, which is not doing very well this year:

as well as long ZN and long 6B (from other brokers)

Correction continues on MICEX, therefore, there are almost no positions. Portfolio same as last week, filled on 10%. Rostelecom was closed this week, but an issuer appeared with a previously unknown name. I have no idea what they are doing at all. Since the beginning of trading, so far minus 6,8% which is slightly better than the MICEX index for the same period.

Rewarding “Runet Financial Blogs - 2010” (Many photos)

Well, the competition is over “Runet Financial Blogs - 2010” and all the winners received their prizes. Me and Anton( Traanan ) посетили награждение проходившее в Москве в клубе-ресторане «Тармплин» 16 December. По мне так заведение могли снять получше, nothing special, decided not to spend a lot of money on organizing the celebration. The people were full, but mostly it was the organizers themselves, it feels like they were doing the party for themselves. The organizer of the competition was the RZB Media Group and the MICEX, so we didn't really expect to win in any nomination.

Results of the competition No. 2

The experiment with competition # 2 has come to an end. In the first one, I just went in and went to bed.. In the morning I saw a margin call. In the second, I fought for the depot.

Total, for the competitive day was 83 deals. Result -21.07%.

About good.

I entered at once on all hundredths of the shoulders. If the price moved in my direction, I refilled and refilled while maintaining the maximum loading of the depot. Despite such risks, only something has been merged 21%. I think this is fucking.

About everyone known.

I consider it empirically proven, that having a hard stop is good.
Yes, there were stupid stops, but more often than not, the stop protected me from
mega moves versus position.

A large number of transactions and "maximum online" (constantly in position) does not bring profit.

Some moments.

Fakin scripts worked only towards sales (: Nichrome did not work for purchases. The biggest elk (on the chart between 18 And 21) was from that, that a stop was not placed at the time of entry. (fakin scripts!)

All the profit pissed away during sleep. The entrance was perfect, but take profit is close. The idea of ​​removing the fuck take slipped very little unnoticed (:

At the end I sat in a long waiting for some movement. It started after the end of the competition..

Looked at the rating of the participants. From 668 зарегистрированных 200 in the black (did not merge). IN 220 depot left = 10000 (можно не учитывать, most likely did not trade). 150 people have been drained from more than half to zero.


Generally, I think participation is not useless. Quite informative. I will repeat in two weeks. Hope, taking into account the accumulated experience.

2 of the year on the New York Stock Exchange

Smooth 2 years ago I made my first trade on the New York Stock Exchange , but then I was unlucky and the first day in my trading career closed with a minus 8-) The very first year on the stock exchange is the most difficult, most people, having not earned money, light up and understand that they have to work, so that the day, close month and year in positive territory, you need to work VERY hard and improve yourself. Most are leaving here, I prefer stable and monotonous work, why fight with your complexes, if you can work for “Дядю” and doing what he says risk his money.

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