Interview: how C # and C ++ help make money in the stock market

One of the most popular topics in our blog was the story about Jesse Spaulding - a guy, who earned $ 500k in the stock market, applying your knowledge of programming and understanding of the basics of the stock market (part 1, part 2). In the comments to these texts, some habrap users expressed their doubts about the realism of such a scenario in our country.. There were also phrases like "well, he used to work in this field". In this regard, the editors of the ITinvest blog spoke with Andrey Gorkovenko, the developer, who followed the path of Jesse Spaulding and managed to turn his life around with the help of the stock market and technological knowledge. With this text, we open a cycle of interviews with direct participants in the processes on the Russian stock market - software developers, traders and company executives. Note: Andrey Gorkovenko used to work as a programmer at ITinvest. In particular, he worked on the SmartX trading terminal project (the history of its creation is described in a separate habratopic). He later created a universal mechanical trading system, with which you can implement various trading strategies on the stock …

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How Forex works and is it needed?

When it comes to stock market and exchange trading, first, what comes to mind for many people is forex. Really, advertising this type of investment (although such operations in this market can hardly be called) penetrated into many areas of our life - successful traders, who earn thousands of dollars in parallel with their main job or lying on the beach, look at us and from posters in subway cars, and from banners on the web. Meanwhile, everything is not so simple here.

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