Baidu Company – How it works ?

Baidu's market cap is "only" $67 billion against $368 billion in Alibaba Group and $340 billion in Tencent. Revenue for 2017 year - $12 billion in growth 20%, EBITDA profitability - 32%. The multiplier to revenue is two times lower, than Alibaba and Tencent: On the one side, due to not so fast growth, but most importantly, investors are much less optimistic about future success. It could seem, that the company is "so-so", but firstly, $67 billion is seven "Yandex", and secondly, she has or has had products in major online markets, without Baidu, the entire Chinese Internet would be completely different. Separately, it can be noted, what did Baidu cost in the summer $98 billion, but Chinese companies are having a hard time due to trade wars, and IT companies too, you can write a separate article on this topic.