Current trading day.

An abnormally low temperature was established in St. Petersburg — during the day there was only 22 degrees of heat, and now already 19. So now we do not match the climate, not so much as to the more or less warm Egypt, but even to rainy Bulgaria. It's time to turn on the heating, otherwise we'll all freeze :)
Roller skating as always, decided to calculate what the mileage is on the map in Yandex. All in all, сначала 10 circles around the Central Park of Culture and Leisure, it is approximately 40 km, then back and forth at a low speed of kilometers 5 and further along the embankments to Dvortsovaya 10 km. That is approximately 55 km, practically, without a global rest, and sometimes no rest at all.
Long on coffee futures reopened on trend following system. No special events happened.

З.Ы. Here's the thing., still wheat has closed, Unfortunately — disappointment… hoped for growth :)

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