10 IPO, on which you could earn

What would be today 10 one thousand dollars, nested in google, Facebook или Amazon. 2015-th is not a successful year for tech IPOs. Recently, the listing of shares was carried out by Match Group - holding, owns Tinder and OkCupid, and mobile payments company Square. Both companies finished the first day of trading in positive territory: Match promotions (NASDAQ: MTCH) have risen in price by 22%, Square (NYSE: SQ) - on 45%. The rise in the number of technology IPOs makes you wonder: what, Would be, if the investor has invested in 10 thousand. dollars to the largest technology companies? How much would that investment turn into today??

Why am I bullish on Intel

Briefly, without delving into fundamental analysis of Intel stock, although now the assessment from a historical perspective does not look expensive.
We are now on the verge of a new boom in the mobile sphere. Wireless internet speed and bandwidth has grown so much, which allows you to `` surf the Internet" without any frustration. At the same time, not only enjoy text and visual information, but also video. Still 3G for me personally was not enough for complete satisfaction, but the advent of 4G and LTE will do that, what was previously available only to full-fledged computers.
New mobile devices will have such properties, which can already replace laptop functions to a greater extent. New powerful mobile microchips and high-speed wireless standards create a new market.
It seems to me, what will change the perception of Intel as a PC manufacturer( although already changing). Imagine, what did you think before, that Intel will cease to be a growth company since the computer market has reached saturation. But it was not there, technologies are improving and many applications are also migrating to the mobile environment, therefore mobile processors are needed. If a household can have one computer, then there will be at least as many mobile devices in the future, how many family members. These are mobile phones and iPADs And so on, and they will be repeatedly improved.
The sharks of the technical business space understand, where it will smell like blood and try to do everything possible to position yourselfwww.nytimes.com/2010/02/22/technology/22chip.html
I don’t doubt it, that Intel will be the winner in the short term. I see no threat. To produce a low cost microchip from the start, not having such a base as Intel, almost impossible.
Intel's latest corporate reports showed, that they did a great job with being overweight" and can maintain high profitability. It should be noted, that during the hot time Intel was bargaining in the area 30 P/E( Internet boom is not considered). And this can lead the assessment of the company easily into 50 Dollars. But I will be conservative and believe, what 30 dollars is quite a fair price for the next 12-18 Months, provided there are no extraordinary events of the type 6 May. If there are such days 5-6, then…….

What is Intel worth?

Here is your earnings forecast for 2011. As you can see, the sequenceality is even lower than the historical. If the son-in-law even the total earnings 2011 and multiply by application 15 ( that often Intel is even below the growth rate for 2011) P/E, we get 1.85 * 15 = 27 dollars. А на 2010 year, 1.68 *15= 25 bucks. And Intel is already trading in the area 23-24.

And this is generally a joke, taken from highlights. Almost everything fell sequentially

Q1 2010 Highlights (all comps sequential)
PC Client Group revenue was flat, with record mobile microprocessor revenue.
Data Center Group revenue down 8 percent.
Other Intel Architecture group revenue down 9 percent.
Intel® Atom™ microprocessor and chipset revenue of $355 million was down 19 percent.
The average selling price (ASP) for microprocessors was slightly up.
Excluding shipments of Intel Atom microprocessors, the ASP was approximately flat.
R&D plus MG&A spending of $3.1 billion was higher than the company’s prior expectation.
The effective tax rate was 29 percent, in-line with the company’s prior expectation.

Net revenue

Diluted earnings per share

Geographic Breakdown

We left at the expense of Asia-Pasific

How to get rid of the burden of emotions

All last year, Bob sold. He was still a beginner, but has already made hundreds of deals. Today, it is long on Intel. He has a plan. He manages risk. This deal in no way stands out among his other positions. There is no reason to somehow distinguish this deal, but somehow it still stands. It is not certain that he can now trade. He wondered why he continues to trade. He thinks: “Do I like all this? What is the purpose?” What I want to achieve as a whole? ” In this transaction, right now, Bob is excessive emotional burden. He went into the usual deal and made her a symbol of the picture, gave her a profound meaning. Rob examines what it is that this deal means to him. Most traders are advised to take off, when there are similar thoughts.

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