Shares and cryptocurrencies. Similarities and differences

Shares and cryptocurrencies. Similarities and differences

Many potential investors, who want to enter the cryptocurrency market, have never encountered such financial instruments before. However, most of them have at least some understanding of the stock market.. Alas, this knowledge will not do them well when trading digital currencies.

Let's take a look at the main differences and similarities between stocks and cryptocurrencies..

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Insider trading and information | Who is the insider ?

Maybe, absolutely all people, who decided to connect their lives with trading, or while they are just considering this area as an additional income, at least indirectly related to the issue of psychology, и какую роль в трейдинге она отыгрывает….

Record Inside information впервые появилась Форекс блог.

Insider trading Is trading in stocks or other securities (Это могут быть как stock, as well as bonds or stock options), carried out by individuals with access to non-public information about the company. In most countries, the trading of insider companies, such as board members, ключевых сотрудников, директоров, major shareholders, is legal. Such trading does not imply the use of access to non-public information..
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