Layering ( layering )- strategy, which came under the ban of American regulators

High frequency trading, depending on the strategies used, has a different effect on the market condition. Some of them are draining liquidity from the market, other – add liquidity to the market. Many of them are the cause of sudden unexpected movements in market quotations., and also generate new borderline methods of unethical, and sometimes illegal income generation on stock exchanges. Such a controversial practice is the layering method. ( layering), the essence of which is to create the possibility of artificially shifting the quotations of purchases and sales of securities in order to force the rest of the exchange market participants to make a profitable deal for the manipulator.

Hackers hacked SEC database (Securities commissions) and earned millions from insider trading

Как пишет издание CNBC, US federal prosecutors indicted for unauthorized entry into the US Securities and Exchange Commission database (SEC) several individuals. According to authorities, a group of hackers from the USA, Russia and Ukraine managed to hack the database with corporate reports. Attackers had access to private information from May to, least, October 2016 of the year. Using this data, they were able to earn more than $4 million.

Why Russia is not punished for market manipulation

Unlike the USA in Russia 75% part, related to the use of inside information, do not end in courts and multimillion-dollar fines, but by prescriptions Another case of manipulation of financial instruments at the Moscow Exchange trades was revealed by the Bank of Russia or at least loudly announced about it. This time, under the gun of the Central Bank investigation was the company "Finam". On Tuesday, 27 august, regulator announced that, what in 2012-2016 years of structure, associated with "Finam", made many transactions on the market with UC Rusal shares, Polyus Gold and others. Deals, according to the Central Bank, made no economic sense, which means, were committed by prior agreement with the aim of market manipulation. As expected, Finam denies everything. Introduced into the law on combating the illegal use of insider information and with its loud statements, the Central Bank is trying to show, that is determined to combat market manipulation. But in 75% cases related to this case end only with an order to prevent similar violations in the future. Why?

Insider trading is gaining popularity on the darknet

Recently, there has been an increase in sites on the darknet., specializing in insider trading, possessing which you can manipulate stock markets and sell access to corporate systems and resources. It is reported by the ZDNet edition. Такие выводы содержатся в свежем докладе Monetizing the insider: The dark web’s increasing influence on insider risk, prepared by RedOwl and Intsights, specialized in cybersecurity.

The Cohen Foundation will pay the last $135 million in insider case

Billionaire Stephen Cohen's former hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors LP, converted now to Point72 Asset Management LP, will close the question, insider trading controversy. In the near future, he will pay off the last affected investors., listing them $135 million, reports Reuters. Claims against SAC for illegal transactions with Elan Corp. and other drug maker Wyeth, on which the company has earned $275 million. This is about actions on the part of the fund manager Matthew Martoma, who worked at SAC and made decisions based on the advice of a Michigan doctor.

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