Instant trading: The Future of Trading

Неплохо сегодня сходили вниз фьючнрсы на золото и кофе. И вот что из этого получилось. Кстати терминал OpenECry превратился в последнее время в непонятно что. Торговать через него становится просто невозможно — Disconnected– Reconnected… большую часть времени он в отключке. Хорошо что есть возможность во время редкого состояния когда он в онлайне выставить заявки “закрыть позицию на закрытии сессии” или “закрыть позицию в определенное время”. Вот так и торгуем.

Это золото:

Это кофе:

I have a webinar today : "How to trade without indicators and be profitable"

Description of the webinar Want to know about the features of professional trading in the American stock market? Dmitry Gavrilov, trader at GT Capital Group, will tell, why indicators are not needed for trading and how to do without them in trading. Many new indicators appear on the market every day. But are they really that useful?, how developers praise them? Traders spend a lot of time learning the technical grails, trying to understand their meaning, while losing more than one deposit. Dmitry Gavrilov will talk about his own trading methodology, eliminating the need for indicators. The lesson will be useful as for beginners, trying to form an individual strategy, and experienced traders, who want to improve their trading. Webinar plan The benefits of trading without indicators. What the technique is based on. Scope of the technique. What timeframes are best to work on. What you should pay attention to when trading. Answers on questions. date and time : 20 November 20:00 MSC Entrance only by registration

Are indicators lagging?

“All indicators are lagging. Only price and volume are not lagging” :)

Interesting, how is the price and volume not lagging — when we look at the candle, bar or some other method of averaged price representation, we see that, what ALREADY WAS, and this is the meaning of the delay.

And why are the indicators lagging behind?? It may mean that the computer is slow, slows down, freezes and with a delay draws indicators in the technical analysis program? Here's an example, how can a Simple Moving Average with a period lag 10 Bars? By idea, as soon as the graph appears 10 Bars, the first point of the Moving Average should appear instantly.
Another thing, that some do not know what this or that indicator is for. well, here, for example, Moving Average with a period 10 shows the average price for 10 bars and she shows it for sure, no lag, if a, certainly, the computer does not slow down. How to use it, that's another question. For example, student passes 10 exams, every day for the exam. How to determine based on its results, he deserves a scholarship for the next six months, or not? This is where the moving average with a period comes in handy. 10, which will average his grades and show the average score for 10 exams. Was the indicator late in this case? :)
If examiners believe that the timing of exam passing over time is important, that is, the last exams are given more weight than the first, i.e, Sort of, student swings first, and then, already in the last exams, his true abilities and diligence are manifested, then in this case, better to use Exponential Moving Average, which has more weight on the last values…..
All in all, indicators on modern computers, practically do not be late. If only for microseconds, required for counting. :)


Whoever does not use indicators in trading is robbing himself and his loved ones. This is what a successful trader's chart should look like.:

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