Stock indices and their structure

stock index (stock index, bond index) - index, calculated on a representative set of securities traded on the market (Shares, bonds) in order to assess the level and general direction of movement of their value. Stock index - indicator, calculated on a representative set of securities, listed on the stock exchange. A short list of the most famous US stock indices: Индекс Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) – calculated based on prices 30 companies “blue chips”. Standard Index & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) – reflects share prices 500 largest companies. Индекс NYSE Composite Index – includes all common shares, traded on the NYSE, is the main indicator, reflecting the situation on the stock exchange. It is also complemented by various indices of individual industries.. Индекс Nasdaq Composite – includes all companies, traded on Nasdaq. Top 100 NASDAQ Issuers, excluding financial companies, merged into the Nasdaq-100 index. Индекс Wilshire 5000 – индекс Американской фондовой биржи AMEX. Индекс Fortune 500– индекс журнала Fortune. Индексы семейства Russell.

Interactive brokers – American broker review number 1 (interactive broker )

I'd like to know who has any experience with Interactive Brokers. You are welcome, Share your experience on futures and stocks execution and how they are supported. Thank you About Interactive Brokers Broker Interactive Brokers - ECN Broker, company, based in 1977. The company is headquartered in the USA, regional offices are located in Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Uk, australia, Hungary, Of Russia, India, China and Estonia. The broker is SEC accredited, FINRA, NYSE, FCA и IIROC.

Stock ticker

Ticker (English. ticker symbol) - short name of quoted instruments (Shares, bonds, indices) in stock information. Is a unique identifier within one exchange or information system. Used for that, so as not to constantly print in the bulletins the full name of securities or other objects of trade. A short name is usually one to six characters long and is assigned to a security when it is listed. Capital letters of the Latin alphabet are traditionally used.. These are usually abbreviations or short names. (International Business Machines — IBM), abbreviations or truncations of names (Microsoft — MSFT, RAO UES of Russia - EESR). Numeric and alphanumeric tickers are commonly used on Asian exchanges, adapted for international trade. For example, Toshiba ticker on the Tokyo Stock Exchange - 6502.

Russell Rebalances

Today Russell Rebalances!!! I hope they will let me trade them for the first time in my life., let's see what will happen. On 29 June 2009 the rebalanced Russell index (Russell Global Index, Russell 1000 ® pointer, Russell 2000 ® Russell Index 3000 ® and Russell Microcap ® Index) will go into effect and will remain in effect for the next 12 month period. The newly recreated indices take effect after the US stock markets close on Friday, 26 June, 2009. The Russell Investment Group will use NYSE NYSE closing price on NYSE and Amex listing, added to the index. Promotions that add, remove – LIST All Stocks in the Russell Index 3000 – LIST Description can be viewed HERE Rough translation and Summary :

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