Тотальный позитив на рынке акций США: рост инфляции замедлился, уровень безработицы снизился

Тотальный позитив на рынке акций США: рост инфляции замедлился, уровень безработицы снизился

Рынок труда против рецессии

Вышла статистика по рынку труда за июль. Данные оказались неожиданными, и это мягко говоря. Here are the highlights.

Число рабочих. В несельскохозяйственном секторе оно увеличилось на 528 thousand. It's more, than in June (398 thousand), и больше ожиданий (250 thousand) Continue reading “Тотальный позитив на рынке акций США: рост инфляции замедлился, уровень безработицы снизился”

Micron Overview: what's going on with the semiconductor company

Micron TechnologyMU$60.23BuyService in partnership with Tinkoff Investments. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

В конце июня Micron представила отчет за 3 neighborhood 2022 of the year, which recorded strong current financial results, but stocks still fell. Continue reading “Обзор Micron: что происходит с полупроводниковой компанией”

Moscow Exchange and "SPb-Exchange" summed up the results of trading for July

Moscow ExchangeMOEX82,99 RBuy

SPB ExchangeSPBE1,46 $BuyService in partnership with Tinkoff Investments. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

What are the results of the Moscow Exchange

Trading volume. As reported by the exchange, в июле общий объем торгов на всех рынках составил 75,7 trillion rubles. It's on 3% more, than in June. Continue reading “Московская биржа и «СПб-биржа» подвели итоги торгов за июль”

Moscow exchange will allow certain non-residents to trade

So far, only investors from countries will be able to sell shares, which Russia considers friendly

Who will be allowed to bid and under what conditions

Clients from countries will be able to make transactions, which were not included in the list of unfriendly states. Власти РФ утвердили такой перечень в марте 2022 года — в него попали страны, who imposed or supported sanctions against Russia: USA, EU countries, Japan, Australia and others. Investors from these countries are still unable to trade on the exchange.

Non-residents from other countries will have the same access to the stock and derivatives markets, like the residents. But they will be subject to additional control.. Professional market participants - banks, brokers and management companies are required to identify non-resident clients and persons, who control them.

There is an algorithm, by which professional participants check clients, and then transfer the information to the Moscow Exchange. The organization will add a new field to it, which, together with the customer's country code, defines, can a non-resident make transactions or not.

By default, all clients will receive an indeterminate status.. For customers from Russia and Belarus, this will not change anything: they will be able to trade as before, explained Mosbirzha in the FAQ for professional participants. For a non-resident to gain access to trading, his bank, broker or manager must set the appropriate value. Information is updated on the next trading day.

If the status of the client changes over time, then the professional participant will have to update the information - for example, if the "unfriendly" non-resident goes into the category of "friendly", and vice versa, written in the FAQ of the Moscow Exchange.

When will trading open for all non-residents

The Central Bank plans to open trading for all foreign investors, but on special terms. For non-residents from countries, recognized as unfriendly, as well as for "friendly" non-residents, controlled by "unfriendly", launch a separate market, indicated in the presentation of the Moscow Exchange. But the organization has not yet disclosed the start date of the auction..

From the materials of the trading platform follows, that “unfriendly” non-residents will not be able to conduct transactions with residents on the stock and derivatives markets - only among themselves.

The first reaction of the market

What is the share of non-residents in Russian shares, it is not known exactly. According to RBC, all non-residents keep about 80% Papers, which are in free circulation. How many accounts for "friendly", hard to say, but BCS Express indicates, that the majority of non-residents in Russian public companies are US investors, UK and EU countries, for which trading remains blocked.

Therefore it is difficult to predict, How will the market behave after 8 august. There is a risk: not to fall under secondary sanctions, "friendly" non-residents will sell shares and they may fall. But the market does not lay such a scenario yet.. According to data on 12:35, Moscow exchange index grew by 0,3%, to 2199 points.

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Why Google, Twitter and Robinhood are firing people

Other big tech companies are cutting hiring plans too. Meta Platforms* (NASDAQ: META) announced at the end of June, which reduces plans to hire systems engineers by 30%, with 10 up to 6-7 thousand.

Microsoft is about to be fired 1% от своего штата в 181 a thousand people. 18% fired at Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) Continue reading “Почему Google, Twitter и Robinhood увольняют людей”

The ECB raised the rate - what does it mean. Spoiler alert: nothing good

Rates are calculated in basis percentage points (b. P.). 1 b. P. — 1/100 от одного процента, i.e 50 b. P. — 0,5%

There are actually three ECB rates:

  1. Rate on main refinancing operations. This is the bet, by which the ECB lends money to banks for a week. This is the base rate..
  2. Margin lending rate. Continue reading “ЕЦБ поднял ставку — что это значит. Spoiler alert: ничего хорошего”

Prohibition on the purchase of foreign shares and other restrictions: how the Central Bank proposes to protect investors

What does the Central Bank offer?

Reduce the maximum leverage for unqualified investors. According to the regulator, из-за маржин-коллов с конца февраля 2022 года долги клиентов перед 11 крупнейшими брокерами выросли до 2,5 млрд рублей по 28 thousands of portfolios. Continue reading “Запрет на покупку иностранных акций и другие ограничения: как ЦБ предлагает защищать инвесторов”

Strong labor market in the US forces the Fed to raise rates. "Recession is already in price"

US macro statistics for July 5-8. The labor market is still strong, despite talk of a recession. Real wages of workers fall for the eighth month in a row. A little about the exchange stamps of experts.

Labor market remains "hot"

Бюро статистики труда выпустило данные по занятости и зарплатам в июне. Continue reading “Сильный рынок труда в США заставляет ФРС поднимать ставки. «Рецессия уже в цене»”

USA is heading into recession, consumption is falling, and the stock market closely monitors inflation

Key US macro statistics for the period since 27 June to 1 July: The country's GDP may fall for the second quarter in a row, consumers are forced to cut their spending, the latest data timidly hints at a decline in inflation. Continue reading “США летит в рецессию, consumption is falling, а рынок акций пристально следит за инфляцией”

Bundle of investment news: wicked financial advisors and broken cars

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Tesla MotorsTSLA684,17 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

Forecast of financial advisers, another machine win. Continue reading “Пачка инвестновостей: нечестивые финсоветники и сломанные машины”