Free webinar on technical analysis from Anton Andreev

Want to learn how to successfully trade on the New York Stock Exchange? Then this webinar is for you.. During the webinar, you will be able to get acquainted with the experience of applying successful technical analysis in the stock market. Learn about the details, important points of application, use and interpretation!

The author of the webinar, Anton Andreev, will present at the lesson a model of his own design and teach listeners to find their own methods.. The lesson will be interesting as for beginners, так и профессионалам.

To consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained on the webinar, a practical part is provided., which will include analysis of charts and real transactions.

Webinar plan

  1. Candlestick charts and multiple patterns.
  2. Indicators and the specifics of their use.
  3. S index plot&P 500.
  4. Basic models, used by the author of the webinar.
  5. Правила торговли.
  6. Search for new models.


Вебинар проводит компания GT Capital Group.

Webinar host – Anton Andreev, trades on the stock exchange with 2005 of the year. Everything 7 years successfully closed in profits: from 92 months only 7 were closed at a loss. He trains traders within the prop-shop with 2006 of the year. Trained more 50 успешных трейдеров, who trade on their own or in large trading companies. Friends and maintains professional relationships with many traders in the USA, like Mike Bellafior, and some traders from the famous T3. Known in Runet under the nickname TraAnAn.

Для участия в вебинаре необходимо пройти предварительную регистрацию на сайте iLearney. Спешите, limited number of seats!