The main idea of the book by M. Douglas, “Trading in the Zone

There’s a big difference between predicting that something will happen in the market and the reality of actually getting into and out of trades Consistent trader has attained a mindset – a unique set of attitudes – that allows him to remain disciplined, focused and confident in spite of adverse conditions Everyone ends up learning something about market, few ever end up learning about attitudes that are essential to be consistent Taking risk when putting trade doesn’t mean you are correspondingly accepting the risk. The best traders can put a trade without slightest bit of hesitation or conflict, and just as freely and without hesitation or conflict admit it isn’t working. They can get out with loss and do it so it doesn’t resonate the slightest bit of emotional discomfort. Accepting risk is key to thinking like a successful trader. The best traders aren’t afraid. They have developed attitudes that

The main idea of the book by M. Douglas, “Trading in the Zone Read more