The recruitment of prop traders has started !!!

GT Capital Group announces the recruitment of traders to its own prop-team. Prop participants will be able to undergo training and in the future start trading with the company's funds, receiving in case of successful results a monthly remuneration, depending on the size of the profits. The higher the trader's profit, тем большее BP ему дается. In this way, the income of a prop member is practically unlimited and depends on diligence, ability and desire to earn. How trader develops in prop? The development of group members takes place in three stages: 1. Онлайн-обучение основам биржевой торговли, during which students receive all the necessary theoretical knowledge. 2. Торговля на тренировочном счете с возможностью получения регулярных бонусов при достижении положительных результатах торгов. 3. Торговля на реальном счете на средства компании. Если трейдер успешно завершает третий этап, its further trading in prop is carried out on individually discussed conditions.