Who are hodlers?

Who are hodlers?

Imagine, что Вы заходите в самолёт и перед Вами стоит выбор – пойти налево, to the cockpit or to the right, to the salon. There are many buttons and levers in the cockpit, control over the situation. But you need to learn aerobatics for many years.. Comfortable seats in the cabin, porthole, table for food or magazine. Continue reading “Кто такие ходлеры?”

Types of cryptocurrency. Part 1.

Криптовалюта – это цифровые активы, which is not expressed in paper money and exists only in electronic form. It is a mathematical code, protected by a special cryptographic technology, Signature. Hence the name of this digital money.. Continue reading “Виды криптовалюты. Часть 1.”

Types of cryptocurrency. Part 2.

In the previous part of the article, we talked about Bitcoin and altcoins. In this part, we will talk about the third type of cryptocurrency - tokens.

Crypto tocs are usually designed to run an ecosystem, related to crypto technologies. Continue reading “Виды криптовалюты. Часть 2.”

Where the miner to live well: 7 countries for profitable mining

Known, that the profitability of crypto production directly depends on the cost of electricity. The less the miner spends on feeding the "farm", the more profitable it is for him to do business. In search of the best conditions, digital coin miners are ready to move anywhere in the world. We have compiled a list of countries for profitable mining.

1. Continue reading “Где майнеру жить хорошо: 7 стран для выгодного майнинга”

What affects the price of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new phenomenon in the modern economy, at the initial stage of development. Therefore, we can observe high volatility in the price of digital assets., fluctuations from minimum to maximum and back.

One of the first questions, emerging from newcomers to the world of digital money, about that, what is the cryptocurrency secured by. Continue reading “Что влияет на цену криптовалюты?”

What is an investment venture fund

Many of us use the popular WhatsApp service. But few of us thought about that., how exactly in was created. At first, it was a startup., had simple functionality and did not require very large investments for its creation. Now this is a very serious project., which is used by many people around the world. Continue reading “Что такое инвестиционный венчурный фонд”

Passive income fairy tale or reality?

"Passive income" these days sounds almost like a spell.. Some are trying to find a source of such income., others are convinced, that this phrase is practically a "black mark", from which you need to stay as far as possible. Continue reading “Пассивный доход сказка или реальность?”

Why invest

Why invest?

Quite a logical question. After all, investments are inevitably associated with risk.. Why risk losing money, if you can just save them in a secluded place or buy them something you need? Or at worst put in the bank - there even interest can be received. Continue reading “Зачем инвестировать”