Stock market

Shares for passive income

As stocks fall at the end of August, some stocks should give investors a stable profit and profit, if the overall market decline worsens. When the stock will rise in price? CNBC Pro identifies stock S&P 500 with low volatility, which must withstand a sale in the market.

Due to what participants in exchange trading have their own income?

So that on not extremely large amounts (in some places up to a million dollars) building trend trading systems on the Moscow Exchange - you don't need a lot of intelligence. Not, how much you need. And reason, and patience, and a test program is still needed. However, it will manage, acceptable, any person with IQ 120 and without powerful loathing for arithmetic.

“Algo trading is this person's lifestyle, who lives where and how he wants, does not look at the market, not for specialists "

We end the conversation with Maxim Zakharov, an algorithmic trading specialist. 1-2nd Style of life of a single stock exchange - you are a member of a club of algorithmic traders? - Not, i'm a loner. However, we have a certain company, which previously gathered from time to time at Smartlab conferences, while they were.

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