FinEx's FXRB fund will close on 2022 year

1 June, FinEx announced, that there are no underlying assets left in its FXRB exchange-traded fund. The fund will cease to exist in the near future, at the same time, investors should not expect any payments. I'll tell, what happened to the fund and what is the situation of other FinEx ETFs.

Bundle of investment news: Western Digital, Roku and electric car subsidies

Roku IncROKU90,82 $Купить Western DigitalWDC57,06 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Quotes are updated every 15 минут Поставщик устройств и услуг для стриминга рассказывает о своих нововведениях. New Challenges in American Greening the World.

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