New securities on the Moscow Exchange for November 2021

New bonds of Russian regions and companies began trading on the Moscow Exchange in November, shares of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, global depository receipts for Softline shares and shares of 80 foreign companies at once. There are also new exchange-traded mutual funds and ETFs.. We do not mention some of the new bonds.

5 перспективных etf на s&p 500 5 перспективных ETF на S&P 500 6

5 prospective ETFs on S&P 500

Despite concerns about inflation, S&P 500 reaches new highs. Recent data on the income of technology companies and retail increased the optimistic mood. Profit 467 participants S&P 500 for the III quarter increased by 42,1% compared to the same period last year.

Инвесторы готовы рассматривать любой биржевой фонд со словом «инфляция» в названии Инвесторы готовы рассматривать любой биржевой фонд со словом «инфляция» в названии 8

Investors are willing to consider any exchange-traded fund with the word "inflation" in the name.

Every ETF, in the name or description of which the word "inflation" is present, this year demonstrated the inflow of funds, according to the data, compiled by Bloomberg. 18 exchange-traded funds, the purpose of which is to make a profit with an increase in inflation, at the moment attracted $35,5 billion, which corresponds 37% of their assets.

Когда разорится Кэти Вуд? Когда разорится Кэти Вуд? 14

When Katie Wood goes bust?

It was a bleak neighborhood for Katie Wood and her innovation funds., but the investor and even Wall Street expect, that some of her assets are growing. Why growth has stopped? Rising interest rates and inflation concerns have affected Wood's companies in the past three months.

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