Government Regulatory Authorities in the United States

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of the market is achieved by government agencies and the joint efforts of four key groups (SEC, NASD, SIPC and FOMC), which together form then, what's in the stock market – regulating pyramid. Nobody regulates themselves so rigidly and thoroughly, like the stock market. Strict standards and requirements for professional bidders, an extensive system of regulatory services of the US authorities – all these are measures of control over the activities of participants.

Open Market Committee (FOMC)

Open market operations are the most important instrument of monetary policy. Open Market Committee ( FOMC ) deals with the purchase and sale of federal debt and US Treasury securities. Treasury Securities are used to fund federal spending and are issued in negotiable and non-negotiable forms. Handled papers include: treasury bills (treasury bills) with maturity 13, 26, 52 weeks and denomination from 10 thousand. Dollars; treasury bonds (treasury bonds) denomination over 1 thousand. Dollars, which can be both medium-term, as well as long-term. Плановые заседания FOMC проводятся восемь раз в год, at them the members of the Committee discuss the current economic situation, possible options for its development, direction of monetary policy. At least twice a year, the Committee also votes on the areas of a long-term strategy in relation to the most important indicators of the money supply and public debt..

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