Bernard Baruch / Bernard Baruch

Bernard Mannis Baruch (Bernard Mannes Baruch) – American financier, speculator, as well as a politician and statesman. Bernard Baruch was born 19 august 1870 in Campden, South Carolina and was the second of four sons of Simon and Bell Baruch. His father, Simon Baruch (1840—1921), German immigrant of Jewish origin immigrated to the USA from Germany 1855. Physician by profession, during the civil war he served in the army of the southerners and was one of the founders of physiotherapy. IN 1881 his family moved to New York, where Bernard went to City College (City College of New York). After graduating from college, Bernard Baruch began working for Houseman and Company. (A. A. Housman and Company). Moving up the career ladder, he became a broker, and then partner A. A. Housman and Co., and seven years later he already owned an eighth of this brokerage house. The source of his income was part of the commission, received by him from each transaction of the client.