The Wolf of Wall Street - How It Really Was (Video)

Today we will talk about one of the best paintings by Martin Scorsese featuring the magnificent Leonardo DiCaprio - the film The Wolf of Wall Street. It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort., stock broker, who cheated his clients for hundreds of millions of dollars, and squandered them by leading an absolutely dissolute lifestyle. IN 1989 he co-founded the Stratton Oakmont brokerage firm with the co-founder, which became extremely successful. Hundreds of young brokers worked on its staff, ready to pull money out of their clients' wallets at any cost.

Movie Liar, Great and Terrible

The story of Bernie Madoff - businessman, who built the world's largest financial pyramid and disguised it as an investment fund. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment, and his illegal activities turned into a disaster for the whole family. Robert De Niro stars in Barry Levinson's biopic of the most notorious financial fraudster of the 2000s, Bernard Madoff.

6 films about Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett does not suffer from excess modesty. Recently, another biography film about him "Becoming Warren Buffett" was released.. 1. "Woodstock for Capitalists" movie released in 2001 year. Together with Buffett, partner Charlie Munger also starred in it.. A fun musical documentary about the everyday life of a billionaire, filmed by a team from Australia. 2. Movie Warren Buffett: Money Making "was filmed in 2009 year, in it, Buffett spoke about the difficult path from a Coca-Cola seller in banks to an investor, topped the Forbes list.

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 30.09.2016

● Income of the US population in August 2016 G. rose to 0,2% compared to the previous month, according to the data of the ministry of trade of the country. ● Lexmark International Inc stock price. (NYSE: LXK) jumped on 13% at premarket on friday after, how US regulators approved the buyout of the company by a consortium of Chinese investors.

Movies about trading. FLOORED. Film about traders from Chicago in Russian

This film reveals the features of the work “traders on the floor”(stock traders) in the operating room of the Chicago Stock Exchange, as well as private, independent traders, working from their own home. The most important points of the work of exchange traders are highlighted. It will be interesting for traders of any level to observe how trading operations take place., what emotions reign on the stock exchange during the ups and downs of prices. This film is cognitive to a certain extent., since it does not contain any clear instructions for action, but it will give traders an idea of ​​the functioning of exchanges in general. Film in Russian

Million Dollar Traders UK reality show about aspiring traders (video)

The show is tracking a group of 8 novice traders, trading on the stock market during the events of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, eventually reduced to 3 human. Participants come from various walks of life, including battle promoter, single mother, retired IT engineer, student, etc.. The show covers the events of two months, during which the applicants manage the amount in $1 million, allocated by former Goldman Sachs trader Hampstead Capital hedge fund manager Lex van Dam from personal funds. Anton Krail, professional trader and former Goldman Sachs employee, Lehman Brothers и JP Morgan Chase, was appointed curator of the group. Filmed by Century Films, consists of three episodes and is commented on by Andrew Lincoln. Broadcast in the UK on BBC Two in 21:00 on Mondays between 12 And 27 January 2009 of the year. 1 season 1 series 1 1 season 2 series

Inside Job (2010) / Insider work

Inside Job – документальный фильм 2010 years directed by Charles Ferguson, which in 2007 a year already managed to confidently declare himself with the film about the war in Iraq No End In Sight. The painting won an award “Oscar” for the best documentary feature film, and was also awarded a number of other film awards. A documentary about those who led to the crisis 2008 years and subsequent events, investigating then, how changes in the economic policies of states and in the activities of financial institutions contributed to the creation of a global crisis. Ferguson himself says, that he made a film about “systematic corruption in the United States by the financial sector and the consequences of this corruption”. The work was well received by critics, who appreciated its dynamism, immersion in the material and the level of investigation.

Risk limit . Margin Call movie

Risk Limit comes out this weekend . Margin Call,I'll try to visit him. While a small Russian trailer for him, although they say the film is not very good. September 2008 of the year. The global economic crisis has already begun, but America doesn't know yet, what disaster lies ahead, and only a group of top executives on Wall Street is looking for a recipe for salvation. Это были самые страшные часы в их жизни… Сотрудник одного из крупнейших инвестиционных банков Lehman Brothers с помощью новейшей программы рыночного анализа получает ошеломляющий прогноз — акции упадут, the market will crash, the bank will lose everything. In the morning of the next day, he gets laid off and, before leaving, passes a flash drive with dangerous information to his former assistant.. By the evening, the best analysts of the bank, checking these calculations, realized a terrible prospect: the collapse is inevitable. Now they face a choice: start urgent dump, which will leave large shareholders all over the world, and millions of ordinary investors with nothing - or wait for the development of events, which is fraught with the loss of everything. Решать нужно здесь

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