How to control the situation on the market?

The need to control – an important psychological aspect of profitable trading. Traders are trying to control the market, but in the end, realize that they must accept their fate and do not establish control over the market, but over the emotions. When your money is at stake, it is difficult to remain calm, rational, and fully control myself. You want to win, so you have a strong desire that the price was in line with your projections, but in the end of the deal almost never be sure. Human nature to desire to fully control their own destiny, but it is impossible. Instead, the trader must accept the fact that the market will go wherever he goes, and try to control their impulses and emotions, instead of playing against the impulse market with feelings of anger and frustration.

What is your risk tolerance?

Tolerance for risk – a popular theme in the investment community. The higher your tolerance for risk, the more risky investments you can afford, without transferring stress. There are many ways you can help determine risk tolerance. Usually assume that what is more, the better. However, my work has allowed me to select a group of traders who prefer the security. They relax at work and trade with the appropriate mental mood. This is neither good nor bad, it’s just trading style. Answer the following questions that evaluate your trading style. Determine how each of the 20 judgments suits you personally.

And here all the same I will continue to trade!

Almost all say that it is necessary not to trade what that time and I with it completely agree, itself would give advice «to Postpone trade for a while», but on the contrary I will work and try more. Only has asked to limit the size of the maximum item to a minimum almost. All will be received, the main thing not to be handed over 8) pullback moving average paul tudor jones bio ticker symbol for target eyefinity daytrading brian shannon day trading nasdaq simulation

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