Beginner questions(part 1)

I have been trading for a long time, but sometimes I notice that I think for a long time before entering the action in situations that have already been 1000 once. If I hadn't thought for so long, did not miss good entries and the result was better. Answer: В такой ситуации нет какой-то пилюли, which will immediately "heal" you. Is there any pattern for making such mistakes, which you could recognize?For example, it can be some specific phrases, with which you can convince yourself of something. Maybe, ситуации, where are you making a mistake, typical and repetitive? Think, what do you need to track somehow, may be, write down, every such case, when you "talked" yourself into making the wrong decision. Analyze the decision making process, чтобы найти, where are you fooling yourself. When will you deal with this, you will need to recognize such situations when trading.