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IPO of the service may become one of the largest among technology companies in recent years. Snapchat will list only non-voting shares for IPO for the first time in the history of the American exchange. Snapchat is a messenger, which works on iOS and Android. Its key function is to self-destruct sent messages.. Snap Inc, владелец мессенджера Snapchat, will try to attract during the initial public offering $3 billion. Как пишет The Financial Times, if the plans of the service owners come true, It will mean, that the company is valued at $25 billion, and the block of shares, owned by Evan Spiegel, 26-summer co-founder and CEO, is worth $ 5,5 billion. Also, in the event of a successful IPO, he will be paid a bonus in $750 million. Bobby Murphy, 28, has a similar stake in Snapchat., co-founder and chief technology officer.

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 04.10.2016

● Avast Software Company, one of the most popular antivirus solutions in the world announced the acquisition of AVG Technologies, another security software vendor ● Facebook has developed a Marketplace project, which makes it possible to sell and buy things from other users, who live a short distance from each other. ● Microsoft has placed bonds on $19,75 млрд для покупки соцсети LinkedIn● Сервис онлайн заказа еды Takeaway.com оценен в 1,1 USD billion for IPO

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 03.10.2016

● Крушение биржи Саудовской Аравии продолжается ● Американский автопроизводитель Tesla Motors Co. sold in the III quarter 24,5 thousand. electric vehicles – on 70% more, than in the II quarter, and twice as much, than in the III quarter 2015 G. (11,58 thousand. auto). Минувший квартал стал рекордным для Tesla по объему продаж ● Apple оштрафована на $300 million for FaceTime. Court sentenced, that Apple violated the rights to two VirnetX patents: one of them refers to the FaceTime application used for video calls, the second - to the system of individual delivery of television programs and films to the subscriber via the digital network (VoD).

10 IPO, on which you could earn

What would be today 10 one thousand dollars, nested in google, Facebook или Amazon. 2015-th is not a successful year for tech IPOs. Recently, the listing of shares was carried out by Match Group - holding, owns Tinder and OkCupid, and mobile payments company Square. Both companies finished the first day of trading in positive territory: Match promotions (NASDAQ: MTCH) have risen in price by 22%, Square (NYSE: SQ) - on 45%. The rise in the number of technology IPOs makes you wonder: what, Would be, if the investor has invested in 10 thousand. dollars to the largest technology companies? How much would that investment turn into today??

50 most popular stocks in hedge funds – Rating

American analytical company FactSet has released a quarterly list 50 most popular stocks in 50 largest hedge funds. According to the study, funds increased the share of equity investments in the total investment portfolio by 9,8% in the II quarter 2014 G. Следует заметить, that in the first quarter this share increased only by 1,9%. Medical companies, currently in merger negotiations, were the most attractive for investment. Hedge funds sold significant shares of International Paper and Micron Technology, the study says. Besides, large funds parted with the securities of "several media corporations and strategic financial institutions".

Social Network Google Plus (Google +) (Get an invite, video, distribution of invites, social circle,

The new social network project Google+ still in closed beta (for the third day of waiting for activation, invite), but around him are born disputes and gossip. On the one hand the user provides a great opportunity, combining traditional and function as social networks, and its own work Google. On the other hand, experts say that to gather critical mass of users would be very difficult. After all, a social network is not as interesting when there’s little of your friends. According to unconfirmed reports in FaceBook for more than 750 million users. In these circumstances, the creation of another global social network from scratch is a very risky business. But, in my opinion, Google has huge market opportunities that will help the company surpass FaceBook. Especially inetesen project will now, thanks to videokoferentsiyam, as well as the possibility of creating “circles” (you decide what range will be available to …

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Zynga queued up for IPO

The series of IPOs of Internet companies continues - this time the largest developer and publisher of games for the social network Facebook gathered on the exchange, Zynga Company Zynga Company is going to apply for an IPO very soon. The placement is organized by Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, reported the newspaper The Financial Times. Various sources claim, that the company plans to sell no more 10% shares in the amount of 1 to 2 billion dollars. The valuation of the entire company also differs - from 10 to 20 billion dollars. Zynga is a developer and publisher of social games for the social network Facebok. Among her most popular projects is FarmVille, Mafia Wars и CitiVille. The monthly audience of all Zynga games exceeds 215 million people. The company's annual income is estimated at over $ 1 billion. The company earns mainly from the sale of "virtual values" - game weapons, ammunition, etc.. P. Unlike many other internet companies, Zynga прибыльна и

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