Ethereum digital currency. What is the coin and why?

What is Ethereum digital currency?

Ethereum digital currency (etherium, Ethereum) Is a decentralized electric currency made on the basis of innovative blockchain technology and with the introduction of smart contracts. Ethereum platform is a unique product, on the basis of which any user has the opportunity to create his new online project, Thus, Ethereum goes far beyond the usual digital currency and bypasses its own main rival in terms of multifunctional capabilities - bitcoin.
The accepted designation for the exchange ticket of the digital currency Ethereum - ETH.

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Just about the difficult: digital currency, bitcoin, etherium

At the moment, all the media are full of headlines about cryptocurrencies., but not everyone knows, what are we talking about?, because I just didn't run into them. We need to tell more thoroughly about this new concept., to understand its essence and purpose. Continue reading “Просто о трудном: digital currency, bitcoin, эфириум”

Coinbase's revenue grew by 12 once a year

11 августа криптобиржа Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) reported for the second quarter 2021 of the year. Compared to the second quarter of last year:

The founder of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson can go into space 11 July

Company Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) announced the date of subsequent flight tests. If the system passes the techno test, and the meteorological situation will be appropriate, the flight can take place already 11 July. A turnaround countdown has been launched on the company's Internet resource: nine days left. Continue reading “Основоположник Virgin Galactic Ричард Брэнсон может отправиться в космос 11 июля”

Cryptocurrency websites and services, blockchain and ICO - the best media resources, blogs, Media on the crypt

Useful resources for investors: official sites of cryptocurrency rates, stock exchange, portfolios and ICOs. The section contains links to sites and services related to the circulation of cryptocurrencies

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What's there crypto?

Yes, I did the operation, there was no time for crypto the truth is, in recent months, everything has merged down very noticeably, what aether (ETH), what ripple (XRP), what bitcoin (BTC). And in general, the entire cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable fall this year (correction?), but it's not over yet.

Can, certainly, try to figure it out, why it happens, but with my knowledge of cryptocurrency, I can hardly generate anything reasonable.

But I can tell you how I look at cryptocurrencies. For me, a cyberpunk fan and a hacker in general in life (let's laugh here together), it's like a piece of a dream, such a kind of revolution and freedom. Think how cool it would be to pay with cryptocurrency for food, maybe not bypassing the entire financial system, because. the store still needs to report to the state in the form of taxes, but everything is virtual, transparent, without intermediate financial institutions. After all, this can lead to a greater spread of small businesses., and not tied to the entire current bureaucracy. Here's a simple example: you walk down the street and buy coffee from a dude or flowers from a gardener, at the same time, both parties are not tied to anyone other than themselves. On the other hand, such services will have to be accepted at your own risk and rist., because. where there is no regulation - there should theoretically be more scammers and other deceptions. On the other hand, if you tie it all to the service sector, it may be good - for example, заплатить фрилансеру за его дневную работу сотню verge of coins or give ten xrp coin за новую крутую прическу.

So far, the truth is straining the cost of electricity to maintain this entire infrastructure., but aren't we heading towards renewable energy? I really hope, what are we going. Think how cool it would be to arrange in your garden monero coin farm or bitcoin master node in the wind and sun! But maybe in the foreseeable future!

It's a stream of thoughts out loud, don't take my thoughts seriously. Just wondering where the crypto revolution will lead in the end. Personally, I really like this twist., and technology, as if from any cyberpunk worlds.

Looking at Ethereum (ETH) и Ripple (XRP)


in continuation of the previous post.

Pardon me, I took the graphics from etoro, It's easier for me. Although their prices are clearly not relevant and the spread is cosmic. But in general, to speculate is the very thing.

You all know which one of me is an analyst, if you read my previous posts about trading, but if you don't know, then in secret - just a rock star analyst So let's go.

Ethereum (ETH)

Etherium, guys, this is the future. At the moment, this is the main blockchain technology for creating DApps. Many altcoins are made on air, which speaks for itself. In addition, it is a fairly large open source. (partially) organization, That, me personally, reminiscent of something like GNU in its time - created by hackers, all use.

According to the charts, I can say so: ether is the leader of blockchain technologies, and I only see the rise of the ether, obviously there is always a pool of bears, who want to fix their positions, so rolling back a bit below the thing is realistic, but in the long run the ether will grow, no options for me.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripl! At the moment, the third cryptocurrency by capitalization, the main feature of which is NOT decentralization. As a matter of fact, this is a company, whose shares are a cryptocurrency, but not really. In general, everything is very subtle here, but as a direction digital assets for large companies, banks and states, then, I think, ripple has a future, as an active pioneer.

According to the charts, I can say so: Ripple is not very clear to me, Honestly, but from that, what i know, they are pioneers in blockchain for current business and government, so I look at these guys from a perspective, last week was not very good, many positions were exactly fixed by traders due to misunderstandings with Asian exchanges, and ripple's lawsuit with their former partners. But I think next week Ripple can go back up. In general, Ripple should be looked at with a little apprehension., although to me personally they are attractive because of their uniqueness.

Cryptocurrency - getting started

Privetos, wild dog!

I threw the blazek a bit, the design needs to be updated, make it beautiful for mobile phones, but somehow my hands don't reach, and that's why: cryptocurrencies! Last year was just super whale for all possible cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies.: coin prices have generally gone up, like on steroids, a bunch of successful and not very ICOs, the whole world is now talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, And, apparently, in 2018 this will be the main topic of conversation, because. IMHO this is part of our future, which is just nascent.

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Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with RoboForex!

Hello, broker RoboForex Stocks запустили CFD на криптовалюты биткоин и эфириум(BTCUSD and ETHUSD). Who wanted to try with a small deposit now there is an opportunity to be in trend. I am thinking on my own account to make a couple of transactions with this new instrument.

Cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to the usual trading tools and are showing rapid growth rates. So, for the latest 8 months bitcoin has risen in price more than threefold, which once again attracted attention as professional traders, and newcomers to the foreign exchange market. Ethereum's growth rate is also impressive: if at the beginning of the year its price was only 8 USD, то сейчас – 292 USD.