Bundle of investment news: sale of food delivery services and NFT-exchanges

Bundle of investment news:  sale of food delivery services and NFT-exchanges

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Just Eat Takeaway ищет, who would like to sell Grubhub. Coinbase is late with NFT. Continue reading “Пачка инвестновостей: продажа сервисов доставки еды и NFT-биржи”

The cryptanalyst thinks, that December will be a bullish month

Cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett believes, that December could be a month of rallying in the cryptocurrency market, and Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) potentially lead it

According to him, dollar index (DXY), which compares the dollar with a basket of other fiat currencies, gives a bullish signal for the crypto market. Continue reading “Криптоаналитик считает, что декабрь станет бычьим месяцем”

Investment company Kelly wants to launch a futures ETH ETF

Three months ago, ProShares and VanEck withdrew applications to launch Ethereum futures ETFs, but the investment company Kelly Strategic Management was not deterred by this development and it filed its own application with the SEC for approval of a similar product.

Kelly Ethereum Ether Strategy ETF will be an actively managed fund, investing in ETH contracts with cash settlement, traded on listed commodity exchanges.

Currently the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is the only platform, where ETH futures are traded. The current limits on ETH futures contracts are 8000 contracts per month (каждый контракт – это 50 ETH). If the Kelly Fund Chooses These Limits, then will invest in long-term ETH contracts or additional fixed income products, for example, government bonds or corporate debt securities.

In August, VanEck and ProShares abruptly withdrew their documents for ETH futures ETFs., what indicates a possible refusal on the part of the SEC.

Last month, two bitcoin futures ETFs from ProShares and Valkyrie were approved.. The head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, said, that such funds provide sufficient investor protection.

Cryptostrategist considers, that the correction of BTC is almost complete

Cryptocurrency strategist with nickname Smart Contracter considers, that Bitcoin is almost ready to recover. He also pointed out a potential bottom for Ethereum.

According to him, bitcoin gives signals, that the correction is almost complete:

"So far, there are no signs of an immediate reversal., but I suppose, that we saw the final volumes of surrender. Continue reading “Криптостратег считает, что коррекция BTC практически завершена”

Promising altcoin for 4 months increased by 15 000%

Created on the basis of Ethereum altcoin in the field of play-to-earn in just for 4 Months soared on 15 000%, which helped its capitalization to exceed the mark of $1 billion

UFO Gaming Project (UFO) was launched in July and during this period the token rate jumped from the initial level $0,00000035011 on 15 379%, getting to $0,00005418. Only in the last week, the altcoin rate has increased by 150%.

The team behind the project says, that its ecosystem intends to target the community and will include a wide range of unique planets:

"In the case of the discovery of a new planet, the new game will not be long in coming.. Each game will be dedicated to one planet with its own economy.

The team also highlighted UFO Gaming's priorities.:

"UFO Gaming is a decentralized gaming platform, where everyone can choose their favorite genre and earn. Ownership of assets is entirely determined by users. Gaming Assets (NFT and currency) can be transferred from one platform to another. The play-to-earn game economy is transparent and sustainable»

Token holders can earn so-called "plasma points" with the help of staking, and the largest holders have a say in the DAO and can determine the future of the UFO metaverse.

Now the capitalization of the UFO Gaming project exceeds $1,3 billion.

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Elrond rapidly broke into the top 10 DeFi-projects

The new project quickly broke into the top 10 of the rating in terms of blocked value (TVL) and it only took him a week to do it.

According to DeFi Llama, Elrond first-level smart contract platform, using a WASM virtual machine, is now the 10th largest DeFi ecosystem with TVL at the level of $2,06 billion.

Elrond's main network was launched in July 2020 of the year. Previously, the project was in no hurry to attract developers, but now shows rapid growth against the background of a large-scale liquidity mining program on the decentralized exchange Maiar. 19 November Maiar announced a liquidity mining program for the amount of $1,29 billion, out of which $282 millions will be distributed in the first month.

The reward will be paid in a Maiar management token called MEX, the rate of which has grown to $0,001345. During the year will be distributed 5,44 trillion MEX and now the cost of the initiative is $7,32 billion, which could become the largest liquidity mining program in the history of DeFi (subject to the stability of the token exchange rate).

Elrond Network CEO Benjamin Mincu noted, that the initial distribution of MEX tokens to EGLD holders helped to increase the pace of use of the project:

«60 000 EGLD holders were able to become holders of MEX tokens before the launch of the site. Maiar has had an impressive number of users since day one and continues to grow."

As competition between tier one projects grows, they are increasingly turning to large-scale incentive programs, to attract users and funds.

According to Minku, Elrond now has functioning crosschain bridges with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Tron. In the coming months, the project will have many interesting innovations., including lending and synthetic assets.

Blocked Assets Volumes on Tier 2 Ethereum Platforms Set New Record

Blocked assets volumes (TVL) on Ethereum-platforms of the second level (L2) are growing rapidly and have set a new historical maximum

Blocked Assets Volumes on Tier 2 Ethereum Platforms Set New Record

According to the analytical company L2BEAT, TVL-like platforms hit record highs in $6,16 billion. L2-платформы – это масштабируемые решения, that run on top of the Ethereum network in order to increase transaction throughput.

During the week, TVL Ethereum-platforms of the second tier grew by more than 10%. Boba Network became the main driver of growth (BOBA), which is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum and has demonstrated staggering TVL growth in 1134% – с $75 million as of 13 November to the current $926 million. Scaling solution Optimistic Rollup launched the mainnet at the end of September and now occupies 15% market share of L2 solutions.

Only two projects in this sector have a large market share: decentralized exchange dYdX (DYDX) with TVL level $995 million (more 16% market) and Arbitrum scaling solution with TVL about $2,59 billion (more 42% market).

TVL L2 solutions are skyrocketing since bottoming out in late September. In less than two months, the market has grown by 144% – с $2,5 billions as of 30 September to the current level above $6 billion.

Ethereum competitor named, which by the end 2021 of the year will update the historical maximum

Cryptocurrency analyst Guy thinks, that one of the competitors of Ethereum will update its historical maximum by the end of the year

In his opinion, Harmony Layer 2 protocol (ONE) may surprise many, as it resembles Ethereum 2.0 and has significant network speed. Continue reading “Назван конкурент Ethereum, which by the end 2021 года обновит исторический максимум”

Against the background of correction, institutions continue to invest in top cryptocurrencies

According to CoinShares, institutional investors are taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire top cryptocurrency assets amid a market correction

Decrease in the BTC rate by 12% against the background of a general market correction did not affect investor sentiment:

“Last week, digital asset investment products attracted $154 million. Correction, due to which the BTC rate decreased by 12%, did not affect the positive sentiment of investors ".

Despite the correction, Last week, the inflow of funds into BTC-oriented funds amounted to more than $100 million, which helped the asset retain its leadership position among investment products:

“Bitcoin still accounts for a significant part of the inflow of funds. This time the indicator was $114 million, which helped the asset to maintain the share of assets under management among investment products at 67% ".

Ethereum funds raised last week $14 million, which became the fourth consecutive week with a positive inflow of funds (in total during this period $80 million).

Remarkably, that last week the outflow of funds from Cardano funds amounted to $2,1 million, while Solana funds boast an influx of $8,5 million. Polkadot funds are also steadily raising funds and this time they raised $5 million.

The cryptanalyst called altcoin, which is expected to grow by 800%

Cryptocurrency analyst Credible Crypto thinks significant rally in one altcoin based on Ethereum is likely

In his opinion, DeFi platform Curve's governance token CRV is destined to hit the milestone $40, What's on 800% above current levels. Continue reading “Криптоаналитик назвал альткоин, который ждет рост на 800%”