Investments in HAL and SLB: need more black gold

Investments in HAL and SLB: need more black gold

HalliburtonHAL26,86 $Купить

SchlumbergerSLB30,94 $Купить

Baker HughesBKR25,88 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

Halliburton (NYSE: THING) and Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB) one of the oldest oilfield service companies in the world. Continue reading “Инвестиции в HAL и SLB: нужно больше черного золота”

The US economy is slowing down, business expectations are falling, and indicators hint at a rebound in stocks

The Home DepotHD274,60 $Купить

Amazon.comAMZN109,37 $Купить

Tesla MotorsTSLA682,67 $Купить

NIKENKE105,43 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

Ключевая макроэкономическая статистика США за 20—24 июня. Continue reading “Экономика США замедляется, business expectations are falling, а индикаторы намекают на отскок акций”

Aton will close 15 their exchange-traded mutual funds for foreign assets

The management company "Aton-management" reported, что планирует закрыть 15 своих биржевых фондов, имущество которых состоит из акций зарубежных ETF.

Компания объяснила это защитой интересов пайщиков в условиях возрастающих инфраструктурных рисков. Continue reading “«Атон» закроет 15 своих биржевых ПИФов на иностранные активы”

Indian Stock Market Overview

<img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Indian Stock Market Overview" Continue reading “Обзор индийского фондового рынка”

Hong Kong Exchange: what you should pay attention to

In the light of recent events, the management of SPb-Exchange has intensified its work to ensure access of its clients to the securities of issuers from the Hong Kong Exchange. We decided to make for our readers a small reference about the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

When creating the material, sources were used, inaccessible to users from the Russian Federation. Continue reading “Гонконгская биржа: на что стоит обратить внимание”

Bundle of investment news: Franklin Templeton and Alcentra, Blackstone и Advarra

Franklin ResourcesBEN26,55 $Купить

Bank of New York MellonBK45,98 $Купить

BlackstoneBX121,64 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Continue reading “Пачка инвестновостей: Franklin Templeton and Alcentra, Blackstone и Advarra”

FinEx's FXRB fund will close on 2022 year

1 June, FinEx announced, that there are no underlying assets left in its FXRB exchange-traded fund. The fund will cease to exist in the near future, at the same time, investors should not expect any payments.

I'll tell, what happened to the fund and what is the situation of other FinEx ETFs. Continue reading “Фонд FXRB от FinEx будет закрыт в 2022 year"

TCR2 Therapeutics Review: biotech against oncological diseases

TCR2 Therapeutics IncTCRR2.35 $BuyService in partnership with Tinkoff Investments. Quotes are updated every 15 minutes

TCR2 Therapeutics (Nasdaq: TCRR) is an American biotechnology company from Massachusetts, which develops new methods of immunotherapy and appropriate drugs for patients with oncology. Continue reading “Обзор TCR2 Therapeutics: биотех против онкологических заболеваний”

Entering Hong Kong remains a priority: SPb-Birzha on plans and current restrictions

The head of "SPb-Exchange" Roman Goryunov answered popular questions of investors.

How SPb-Birzha works now

According to Goryunov, "there's a lot of work to do right now., related to business continuity". But the key principle of the site – best execution – has not changed..

Best execution is the execution of an order at the best price. Continue reading “Выход на Гонконг остается в приоритете: «СПб-биржа» о планах и текущих ограничениях”

New securities on the Moscow Exchange for February - March 2022

Since the end of February, the Moscow Exchange has not been fully operational: share trading, bonds and funds were launched only towards the end of March. Here's what we wrote about it:

  1. The Central Bank canceled stock trading on the Moscow Exchange.
  2. How was the first day of OFZ trading on the Moscow Exchange since the end of February. Continue reading “Новые ценные бумаги на Мосбирже за февраль — март 2022”