6 best trading recommendations on 2014 year from Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Sends Out Top 6 Trading Recommendations For The Coming Year To Its Clients. It should be noted, that the proposed trading operations are quite specific and, maybe, not suitable for everyone. Many of them are in two parts. (buying one thing – selling another) and motivated by the most important and widely anticipated macroeconomic event 2014 G.: curtailment of the Fed's quantitative easing program. “The main task of the list “Best trading recommendations” (Top Trade Recommendation List) – as always, highlight key trading ideas, That, probably, will unfold and have a significant impact on the strategic movement of markets in the coming year”, – цитирует Business Insider управляющего директора Goldman Sachs Ноа Уйсбергера ФЬЮЧЕРСНЫЕ КОНТРАКТЫ НА ИНДЕКС S&P 500 В АВСТРАЛИЙСКИХ ДОЛЛАРАХ Дата рекомендации: 25 november. Target profitability: 13%. Trade: buying futures on S&P 500 for december 2014 G., selling Australian dollar futures – доллара США (AUDUSD) for december 2014 G.