We continue to sit in Ethereum (Ethereum)

While mastering the cryptocurrency and the purchased investments pay off a little. Unfortunately Bitcoin(Bitcoin) I accidentally covered, но эфириум (Ethereum) went halfway to my goal in 400$.  

Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with RoboForex!

Hello, broker RoboForex Stocks launched CFDs on bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrencies(BTCUSD and ETHUSD). Who wanted to try with a small deposit now there is an opportunity to be in trend. I am thinking on my own account to make a couple of transactions with this new instrument. Cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to the usual trading tools and are showing rapid growth rates. So, for the latest 8 months bitcoin has risen in price more than threefold, which once again attracted attention as professional traders, and newcomers to the foreign exchange market. Ethereum's growth rate is also impressive: if at the beginning of the year its price was only 8 USD, то сейчас — 292 USD.          

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