Results of the IPO ALIBABA BABA +3500$ | company share chart

Alibaba stock chart BABA ticker on the day of the IPO As usual, it took a long time to open the stock on the day of the IPO, this is already a tradition on the stock exchange. Originally posted on 60-68$, but on the opening day, placement prices skyrocketed to 92-93 a couple of minutes before the start of trading. We have already decided with many traders in prop, what is placed too high and most likely it will be very dangerous to buy. I had to trade a small volume. Transactions were made at the Takion terminal and there were no problems with execution, in parallel looked at the e-signal charts and the Fusion terminal just in case.

How much do you really work?

Sitting at the computer all day long, you count, what are you working. А действительно ли это так ? Found an interesting and elementary time tracking program – Motivate Clock It is elementary to work with it and it shows how long you are really engaged in stock trading, rather than reading various materials on the Internet in a day.

Question – Answer from a practicing trader Good_trade

That would not answer by 100 times on 1 the same question, you can ask it in this post, and I will post the answer to it. So we will save our time ... Decided to renew this section, so I will be glad to new comments. What trading platform are you using? IB Trader Workstation (TWS), RT PRO Fusion (Blackwood ), Takion, GT Web, Laser, Sterling PRO, THAT, Lightspeed, ROX, GrayBox, Aurora, MultiCharts

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