George Soros

George Soros (George Soros)

Native of Hungary, George Soros learned all his survival instincts from his father during the German occupation in World War II.. They were Jews., so my father took out false documents and found places, where can you hide. It was a man, worthy of respect; in World War I, he was captured by the Russians and subsequently escaped from prison. Soros's conclusion: “Obedience has become a dangerous addiction; to survive, need to bypass the law”. And he himself confesses, what does not accept the rules, наложенные другими. He was accused of going beyond fair play in trading and stocks, и валютами. Constrained by the communist regime, established after World War II, Soros in 1947 left for the UK, where he studied at the London School of Economics. After working for a while as a traveling salesman, he found a job at a financial institution. Although Soros gained some arbitration experience, he mostly did boring office work, did not shine and, with the blessing of the company, Left. New York became his target, but he couldn't get a work visa, …

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Unknown pages of the biography of George Soros

Dossier, which follows below, based on the report of the EIR bureau (Executive Intelligence Review) in Wiesbaden in Germany, Published 1 October 1996, which is called "Resume of mega-speculator George Soros". Time magazine characterized the financier George Soros as a "modern Robin Hood.", who robs the rich, to give to the poor countries of Eastern Europe and Russia. It stated, that Soros makes a huge financial profit, спекулируя против западных центральных банков и использует эту прибыль дляпомощи пост-коммунистическим экономикам Восточной Европы и бывшего Советского Союза, to help them create, что он называет «Открытое Общество».

George Soros – The great speculator of his time

Soros earned $1 billion in 1992, by placing a bet against the pound sterling, forcing the UK government to remove the peg from the basket of European currencies. He was also the largest financial investor, participating in a failed attempt to resist the election for a second presidential term of George W. Bush. George Soros, at that time Gjord Schwartz, was born 12 august 1930 years in the city of Budapest in the family of Tivadar Schwartz and Erzebet Sutz. His father was a lawyer, a writer, founder of a literary magazine, and also held one of the key posts in the Jewish community of Budapest.

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