James Stephen Fossett / James Stephen Fossett

James Stephen Fossett was born 22 April 1944, в Джексоне, штат Теннесси. Childhood and youth were spent in Garden Grove in California. From a young age, Steve Fossett was a member of the scout movement. IN 1966 году Фоссетт окончил Стэнфордский университет по специальности «экономика». IN 1968 year he was awarded the title of Master of Economics at the University of Washington at St. Louis, штат Миссури. In the same year, Steve Fossett married Peggy Wieland.. To 40 years Fossett was known exclusively in business circles. He had a highly successful career in the stock exchange, and even became the founder of the largest US trading corporation Lakota Trading Inc., co-owner of Scaled Composites. IN 1985 year, apparently, bored with business achievements, Steve Fossett decided to swim across the English Channel. Это был просто вызов самому себе – and from the fourth time he did it. By the way, интересно, that Steve made his first extreme achievement, without investing a dollar in it. В дальнейшем он также будет чрезвычайно практично отдаваться своей страсти к

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