Dmitry gavrilov

I have a webinar today : "How to trade without indicators and be profitable"

Description of the webinar Want to know about the features of professional trading in the American stock market? Dmitry Gavrilov, trader at GT Capital Group, will tell, why indicators are not needed for trading and how to do without them in trading. Many new indicators appear on the market every day. But are they really that useful?, how developers praise them? Traders spend a lot of time learning the technical grails, trying to understand their meaning, while losing more than one deposit. Dmitry Gavrilov will talk about his own trading methodology, eliminating the need for indicators. The lesson will be useful as for beginners, trying to form an individual strategy, так и опытным трейдерам, who want to improve their trading. План вебинара Преимущества торговли без индикаторов. What the technique is based on. Scope of the technique. What timeframes are best to work on. What you should pay attention to when trading. Answers on questions. date and time : 20 Ноября 20:00 МСК Вход только по Регистрации

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