AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) - one of the largest American telecommunications companies. Is the largest supplier as a local, and long distance telephony in the USA, as well as the second largest wireless service provider in the United States (77 million users). Total number of AT clients&T more 150 million people. Headquarters - Dallas, Texas. History American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T Corp.) was established in 1885 year. For a long time it was a monopolist in the US long-distance and local communications market. In 1983-1984, under pressure from the US Department of Justice, within the framework of the antitrust process, it spun off the local telephony business and focused on long-distance services. One of the highlighted in 1983 the company received the name Southwestern Bell Corporation. IN 1995 year this company changed its name to SBC. IN 2005 SBC, becoming by this time the largest telecommunications holding in the United States, acquired for $16 billion AT itself&T, from which once stood out. Moreover, the name AT&T passed to the merged company.

American International Group (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T)

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T) - the largest American insurance company. Headquarters - New York. Founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai (China). Subsequently, the company's operations spread throughout the world.. IN 1969 year the company went public. Head of the company - Edward Liddy. AIG is a leading international insurance organization, based in the USA, and one of the largest commercial and industrial insurance underwriters in America. Companies, its constituent, provide various types of insurance in about 130 countries (including in Russia). Based on the results of activities 1999 of the year AIG ranked # 1 in net profit among all US-based organizations, specializing in insurance and financial services, And 17 – e place among all American public corporations. According to the leading international rating agencies “Moody’s” And “Standard & Poor’s”, AIG's strong financial position is reflected in its highest credit rating (AAA)

American Express

American Express (AmeEx, Amex, ticker NYSE: AXP) - a global financial services company, hosted in New York. The well-known products of the company are credit cards, expense cards and travelers checks. The company's ordinary shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This is one of 30 Shares, which are included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Remarkably, what in 2008 Sberbank of Russia became the leader in the sale of American Express traveller's checks. Pay by cash or credit card?” – this is a common question nowadays store employees, отелей, restaurants, benzocolon, air ticket offices first began to ask customers only fifty years ago. Over the past half century, the civilized world has practically turned into “cashless society”, and one of the products, who transformed him in such a dramatic way, had an American Express credit card.

Boeing – The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA, TYO: 7661) - one of the world's largest manufacturers of aviation, space and military technology. Headquartered in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Boeing is the world's leading aerospace corporation and the largest manufacturer of passenger aircraft. In addition, Boeing develops and manufactures military helicopters., electronic and defense systems, rockets, satellites, modern information and communication systems. Boeing is a leader in missile defense, manned space flights and spacecraft launch services. The company also provides a range of various support and after-sales services for aircraft.


3M ("Three Em", NYSE: MMM) - American diversified innovation and manufacturing company. Headquarters - Maplewood, Minnesota (USA). President and Chairman of the Board of Directors - George Buckley. You all, I guess, used scotch tape, adhesive stickers and, maybe, did not think who thought of such obvious things. The article will focus on the company's success story, which started with scotch tape, but has grown into a transatlantic company with tens of thousands of employees. It's about 3M.

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