INFOGRAPHICS and description of Phone 5C and Phone 5S

iPhone 5s Design Added additional phone color - gold. This, most likely a special phone for Russia, Middle East and China :) Except for the fingerprint reader, iPhone 5s is no different from the 5th. Technology iPhone 5s has a new A7 processor, 64-discharge. Smartphone can render OpenGL ES 3.0. Say, what makes it in 56 раз быстрее. An additional M7 sensor is installed inside the smartphone, which is a kind of pedometer, which fitness apps will be able to use. For example Nike + will count your steps and post data to Game Center.

New Website Design

Happened, then what have you been waiting for – CHANGE SITE DESIGN !!! Теперь можно без труда часами читать мой блог и не беспокоится за свои глаза, of course, I left the option of choosing the previous design to whoever likes it. There are still a couple of touches left to customize in the design., but you can already read and promote. Waiting for feedback on the new website design, AS YOU HE ???

Ready to change the design of the site

Many people don't like my black background in the template, that's why I'm ready to make concessions and change the design to a new one. If anyone has ready-made beautiful templates for the wordpress engine for my topic, drop me the links or advise me a design firm, which will create a beautiful custom template. Of course, if someone is ready to create an individual template for me, it will be very cool, ready to pay for money or in some other way.

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