How to make money on dividends

What is dividend Dividend is a share of profit, which the company distributes among shareholders. Когда вы покупаете акции компании на бирже, вы получаете право на дивиденды по этим акциям до тех пор, пока вы остаетесь акционерами. Hypothetical example. The company has released 100 Shares. Вы купили на бирже одну акцию. The company's profit for the year was 100 rubles and will be paid in the form of dividends. As a result of the payment, you will receive 1 ruble.


Hello, dear friends! In previous articles, we examined in detail investments in company shares.. Attentive readers will remember, что тогда же я говорил о таком понятии как дивиденды. Noted, that not everyone pays them, но это неплохой источник дополнительного дохода. Today we'll talk in more detail about, how to get dividends on shares and we will understand all the subtleties related to this. Looking ahead, I will note, that this type of income should be considered as an addition to profit, obtained by increasing the value of shares. Balance is important, pick up assets like this, so that the annual payment of "divas" does not lead to a slowdown in the growth of the company's securities. Otherwise, your profit will grow more slowly..  


Hello, dear friends! Ранее я посвятил довольно обширный материал ETF фондам и вопросам, related to their selection, portfolio formation and the principle of work in general. Today, the focus will be on that, how to buy shares for an individual and receive dividends. I wrote about the purchase of shares by individuals in one of the materials, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. I would like to remind you in advance, что при формировании инвестиционного портфеля важна диверсификация. То есть в его состав включать нужно разные инструменты: along with conventional ETFs and dividends, as well as special funds.  

Shares and cryptocurrencies. Similarities and differences

Many potential investors, who want to enter the cryptocurrency market, have never encountered such financial instruments before. However, most of them have at least some understanding of the stock market.. Alas, this knowledge will not do them well when trading digital currencies. Let's take a look at the main differences and similarities between stocks and cryptocurrencies..

New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

Created a new LJ community for people associated with the New York Stock Exchange to share their trading experience on it, ideas and news. Anyone can write their material in it, ask a question of interest and find an answer to it. We no longer have to search for information all over the Internet, everything you need to trade on the stock exchange will be in 1 place . The group is brand new, I'm waiting for new active participants and a little PR from you, but most importantly active discussion of new topics and issues. New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

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