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NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 04.10.2016

● Avast Software Company, one of the most popular antivirus solutions in the world announced the acquisition of AVG Technologies, another security software vendor ● Facebook has developed a Marketplace project, which makes it possible to sell and buy things from other users, who live a short distance from each other. ● Microsoft has placed bonds on $19,75 млрд для покупки соцсети LinkedIn● Сервис онлайн заказа еды оценен в 1,1 USD billion for IPO

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 03.10.2016

● Крушение биржи Саудовской Аравии продолжается ● Американский автопроизводитель Tesla Motors Co. sold in the III quarter 24,5 thousand. electric vehicles – on 70% more, than in the II quarter, and twice as much, than in the III quarter 2015 G. (11,58 thousand. auto). Минувший квартал стал рекордным для Tesla по объему продаж ● Apple оштрафована на $300 million for FaceTime. Court sentenced, that Apple violated the rights to two VirnetX patents: one of them refers to the FaceTime application used for video calls, the second - to the system of individual delivery of television programs and films to the subscriber via the digital network (VoD).

Intuition will allow traders to fight the machines

Traders with more developed intuitive thinking make more money and stay in the profession longer than others, says a scientific study. As reported by Reuters, according to the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) all market participants have equal access to historical data on market prices, publicly available information and private information. In this way, ни один из участников рынка не имеет преимущества перед другими в принятии инвестиционных решений.

Former Deutsche Bank trader sentenced to 7 годам

Former Deutsche Bank Hong Kong trader Ma Xing-Ji sentenced to 7 years in prison for taking bribes totaling 24,8 million Hong Kong dollars ($3,2 million), reports the news agency Bloomberg. Ma Xing-Ji in the period with 2007 on 2008 yy. provided data to interested parties for a fee. Along with this, the trader, fired from Deutsche Bank in 2012 G., must pay the bank a fine in the amount of the bribe received. The investigation established, that Ma Xing-Ji in the period from 2007 on 2008 yy. for a fee provided data to interested parties with information on trading transactions with derivatives. Former trader found guilty of 4 cases of receiving bribes. Ma Xing-Ji plans to appeal the court verdict, said the lawyer. Children of a former trader, accused of complicity, were acquitted.

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