Profit chart of trader Jesse Lauriston Livermore – Equity deposit

Джесси Лауристон Ливермор (English. Jesse Lauriston Livermore; 1877—1940) - stock speculator of the early XX century. Famous for the, that I managed to earn several times and then lose fortunes, estimated in millions of dollars. Also known for his short selling (uncovered sales) during stock market crashes 1907 And 1929 years, for which he received the nickname "Great Bear"[. 28 november 1940 of the year, deeply depressed, Livermore committed suicide.

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I've been doing nothing all summer, absolutely nothing. Protecting yourself by, what «you need to rest in the summer». Take a break from what? What the hell am I talking about? Что за стереотип, почему летом нужно отдыхать? Будут деньги – you can relax everywhere and at any time of the year. The problem is, that after my drain I cannot recover. Morally everything is ok, but […]

The history of the world's most mysterious and disruptive financial institution – US Federal Reserve

From time to time, the normal course of the planet's business activity is interrupted and prominent businessmen, bankers, stock traders, mutual fund managers, and along with them – Policy, ministers, drug dealers and an army of thousands of journalists, holding breath, listening to a lanky, puny old man named Alan Greenspan speaking (currently the head of the Fed is Ben Bernanke. approx. Victor), who, with the greatest profoundness, announces to the city and the world of raising or lowering the interest rate of federal funds (Fed Funds Rate - percentage, under which commercial banks have the right to lend money to each other for one night to maintain the federal deposit within the normal range. Established by the US Federal Reserve).

Easy came, easily gone

Ho tya economists, who are guided by the behaviorist approach, view regret as a feeling, which causes anxiety to all traders from time to time, psychological studies show, that some people are more prone to, to experience this feeling, compared to other people. All traders are upset, after a wrong trade decision, which could have been avoided, however, some players blame themselves regardless of the circumstances. After that, how such players will miss a big market move or get a big elk, they begin to analyze their actions and blame themselves for, что совершали их. Им хочется вернуться в прошлое, do everything in a new way, they can't stop in any way, calculating, что же они сделали неправильно.

Causes of fear

Every day I have to move the Golden Bridge to San Francisco, to get to my office. It would seem that, what's unusual about, to cross the bridge? But San Francisco often has earthquakes. The author knows many residents of the city, who are afraid to cross the bridge. Some people are so afraid of bridges, that they try not to ride on them once in their life, thereby, limiting your life and work opportunities. I was never afraid to drive across the bridge, but repeatedly heard the conversations of people on the bridge, who were able to, close to panic. They imagined the worst possible scenarios, which can only happen, and couldn't get these horror pictures out of their head. IN 1989 year during an earthquake, a section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bridge collapsed. Several people died. Maybe, have you seen the reports about it on TV. To be honest, I try to forget this incident, especially, when I cross the bridge. But, if a person remembers this event over and over again, он испытывает крайне неприятные чувства

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Разница в депозитах

As it is not customary to trade on the MICEX with such a small deposit of only 10 000 rub. , а на NYSE 500 000 $ all in 1500 times more )))))) Feeling like trading on a demo account, the pluses are not hot not cold. Okay, it will increase over time. А пока надо учится на своих ошибках.

TC Company : Thompson Creek Metals Company

TC : Thompson Creek Metals Company Sector: Basic Materials > Industry: Metal Mining Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (Thompson Creek) is a Canadian molybdenum mining company with a vertically integrated mining industry, grinding, processing and marketing activities in Canada and the United States. Company activities include the Thompson Creek Field (deposit and plant) in Idaho, Langeloth Metallurgical Fry Facility in Pennsylvania and a 75% joint venture interest in Endako Molybdenum Mine Joint Venture (Endeko field) (месторождение, завод и ростер) in British Columbia. Besides, it has two high quality underground molybdenum working projects, property of Davidson's molybdenum (Davidson's project), located in British Columbia, and the property of Mount Emmons molybdenum, located in Colorado.

New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

Created a new LJ community for people associated with the New York Stock Exchange to share their trading experience on it, ideas and news. Anyone can write their material in it, ask a question of interest and find an answer to it. We no longer have to search for information all over the Internet, everything you need to trade on the stock exchange will be in 1 place . The group is brand new, I'm waiting for new active participants and a little PR from you, but most importantly active discussion of new topics and issues. New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

Jokes about the stock exchange

One person won the lottery 50 million and went to an investment fund. The specialist advises: – 10 million invest in bonds, 10 million in “blue chips“, 10 million in risky stocks, 10 million in real estate, and on 10 million buy rockets and fire on the Arabs. – Why?!! – the lucky one is surprised. – I do not know for sure, – specialist answers, – but the Jews do just that. Stock analyst and broker collide at the elevator. Broker (maliciously): – well, even now you will say – up or down? Ответ аналитика: – We need a clear definition on which floor we are now. In any case, we will not rise above the roof, and don't go below the basement. Although it is possible that, that the elevator gets stuck or the direction of travel changes due to an emergency.

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