Day trader risks

For some inactive position traders and investors with limited financial resources, the use of cheaper online brokers may be preferable. Trader, perpetrator 1-2 transactions per month and holding open positions for weeks or months, - direct access is hardly needed. But active traders cannot do without direct access. The ability to quickly respond to changes in the market situation is the basis for the successful work of an active trader. Especially, that most of us have become day traders today - even if we do not consider ourselves to be such. According to the entered into force 28 September 2001 G. new SEC and NASD rules, day traders are market participants, committing 4 or more deals for 5 trading days. Если доля таких сделок не превышает 6% от общего числа, the client is not considered a day trader. The minimum deposit for day traders is now $25,000. At the same time, the purchasing power is increased (shoulder up 1:4).