NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 30.09.2016

● Income of the US population in August 2016 G. rose to 0,2% по сравнению с предыдущим месяцем, according to the data of the ministry of trade of the country. ● Lexmark International Inc stock price. (NYSE: LXK) подскочил на 13% at premarket on friday after, how US regulators approved the buyout of the company by a consortium of Chinese investors.

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 29.09.2016

● Software developer, Apttus attracted more money from private investors, while postponing its IPO goal due to the current market uncertainty associated with the US elections. The total amount of attracted investments is 88 million dollars, at the same time, the market value of the company increased to 1,3 billion dollars. Among the new investors, one could see Gulf Islamic Investments – financial service from the United Arab Emirates. ● Nike revenue, the world's largest manufacturer of sportswear and footwear for 2016 r increased by almost 6% to 1,24 billion $ when compared with 2015 G. где прибыль составляла 1,17 billion $, – reports foreign media● Startup Skymind, which actively promotes the use of its unique deep learning software "Deeplearning4j" (a new kind of artificial intelligence) open source, today announced the attraction $3 million. investment.

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