Alan Farley's first online seminar in Russia

I am glad to announce good news to my readers. 30 July in 20:00 we organize a seminar by Alan Farley. Most know him, read the bestseller The Master swing trader, which was translated into Russian for some reason as “Swing Trading Mastery”. Стаж его торговли более 20 years !!! Когда я начинал торговлю прочел все статьи с его интернет ресурса Hard Right Edge, highlighting a lot of ideas. He is currently trading futures and stocks, так же является совладельцем CNBC. This will be his first seminar for Russian traders., с профессиональным синхронным переводом.

John Bollinger / John Bollinger

John Bollinger is president and founder of Bollinger Capital Management, investment management companies, providing technical analysis-based wealth management services to individuals, corporations, trusts and pension funds. Bollinger publishes Capital Growth Letter. For many years, John Bollinger was the chief analyst for the nationwide cable television channel Financial News Network. (FNN), dedicated to financial news. He currently continues to provide weekly analytical commentary on CNBC., successor to FNN, and for many years was the Chief Market Analyst at the Financial News Network. The prerequisites for the financial career of John Bollinger periodically arose in his life path from early childhood.. In his book Bollinger on Ribbons (Bands) Bollinger Bands ", the author describes it as follows: “For the first time I encountered the stock market, when I was a child and inherited several Fruhauf shares, companies, which subsequently rolled down, rolled down and, eventually, went bankrupt.

Jake Bernstein / Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein – professional trader, American analyst and author, who uses his more than 40 years of practical experience in market analysis to test opposing and controversial points of view, formalizing and building effective trading methods. Jake Bernstein is one of the most popular and respected analysts in the stock and futures markets.. He also serves as President of MBH Commodity Advisors., located in g. Vignette, Illinois and Network Press Inc in Scots Valley, California. Jake wrote over 40 книг по фьючерсам и фондовым рынкам, психологии трейдинга и экономическому прогнозированию; introduced numerous methodologies for analyzing futures markets, based on cyclicality and technical analysis; is the author of the newsletter for traders; conducts online training, helping traders improve their skills and achieve trading success.

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein – a professional trader, an American analyst and author who uses his more than 40 years of practical experience in market analysis to verify the conflicting and controversial points of view, the formalization and building effective sales techniques. Jake Bernstein is one of the most popular and respected analysts of the stock and futures markets. He also has served as president of MBH Commodity Advisors, located in Vinnetka, Illinois and Network Press Inc in Skots Valley, California. Jake has written over 40 books on futures and stock markets, trading psychology and economic forecasting; introduced numerous methodologies for the analysis of futures markets, built on cycles and technical analysis, is the author of mailing for traders; conducts online training to help traders improve their skills and achieve success trade.

ThinkOrSwim (TOS)

Thinkorswim – an innovative trading platform with advanced functionality. News flow from Reuters, access to trading volumes, traders community, the scanner of financial instruments on the stock market, financial television, emu trades, advanced charts, trading strategies, analysis of volatility – all of these features provide ample opportunities for successful trading. Thinkorswim not only provides access to quotes, charts, options, crawlers, but also makes it absolutely free! Now you can explore the sector, explore pricing options, to trade all listed stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The program is very simple and convenient. Contains many useful features for active traders. Joined: Download:

Daytrading – November 3

During the day there was only one deal that could bring a good profit. ON BNI left news: Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Inc. buys 77.4% stake in railroad company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNI) at $ 100 per share, reported in the press release, Berkshire. The remaining stake in the company already owned by Berkshire. Thus, the transaction is valued at $ 44 billion, including debt of BNI in the amount of $ 10 billion, and is for Berkshire’s largest acquisition in its history.

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