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It hurts a lot when you break up with a loved one.…

Strange, you seem to be trying to make a person happy, you take care of him and help, and he leaves you out of the blue. If you love a person, you can go through a lot and solve any problems together., hard times are, but everything can be solved. Of course I'm not perfect, but nobody is perfect, but i'm changing and trying to be better at everything. Apparently I don't understand a lot…

FLOORED Movie Trailer peace, this – more rebellion than a profession, trading floors of the chicago exchange, are the place, where your family's mortgage gambling is all in the day's work. The paved floor offers a unique window to this lesser-known world of finance. These men, maybe, no degrees, but they have guts, and a tendency to excess, which requires simultaneous feelings of disgust and admiration. But how many aspects of our economy, technology changes the way, which these merchants do business, and these eccentric pit dwellers are not the type, to take kindly to new tricks.

Time for tough measures (part 2)

My trading keeps getting worse and worse, because discipline is gone. I start trading from the very opening and feelings prevail over me. I can't stick to my rules and I'm losing money. Not trading, and some CASINO. From tomorrow I don't open the terminal until 10:20 and I introduce rules similar to the previous ones , but slightly changed. I have a choice now, continue to drain money and spit on everything or return to disciplined trading and stay in this business.

Thoughts are stronger than reality. Part 3

6.«Thoughts – these are things» Charles Fillmore
Thoughts – these are things. They create and shape them.
Let's imagine our thoughts as a mountain stream for a moment.

The life-giving river originates high in the mountains, flows down to the valley at its foot and feeds the fields and gardens of your life. It would never occur to you to pour into this wonderful stream […]

Don't give in to regret

When trading in the markets, losses are commonplace.. They hurt us., but, for some traders, the bitterness of a wrong decision is the worst feeling of all. They blame themselves for, what did what – that's not the case. They drive themselves so, that they are trying to refuse to make deals, so as not to feel regret later. In the book Beyond the Threshold of Greed and Fear, Dr. Hersh Shefrin states, that regret and responsibility are closely related. The more responsibility we take for our actions, the stronger the sweat is the feeling of regret.

But I will continue to trade anyway !

Almost everyone says, that it is necessary not to trade for a while and I completely agree with this, I would give advice myself "Postpone trading for a while", but on the contrary I will work harder and try harder. He only asked to limit the size of the maximum position to a minimum of almost. Everything will work out, the main thing is not to give up 8-)

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