Video: Деньги и Скорость” Inside the Black

Money and speed: "Inside the Black Box" is an action-packed film, based on real events, which takes you to the very heart of our automated world.
Based on participant stories and video data played back to the millisecond, he takes us back to events - Black Tuesday 6 May 2010 of the year: the fastest and lowest drop in the American stock market, ever in history.

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Бернард Барух / Bernard Baruch

Bernard Mannis Baruch (Bernard Mannes Baruch) – американский финансист, биржевой спекулянт, as well as a politician and statesman.

Bernard Baruch was born 19 august 1870 in Campden, South Carolina and was the second of four sons of Simon and Bell Baruch. His father, Симон Барух (1840—1921), German immigrant of Jewish origin immigrated to the USA from Germany 1855. Physician by profession, during the civil war he served in the army of the southerners and was one of the founders of physiotherapy. IN 1881 году его семья переехала в Нью-Йорк, где Бернард поступил в Сити-колледж (City College of New York). После окончания колледжа Бернард Барух начал работать в фирме Хаусмэн энд Компани (A. A. Housman and Company). Продвигаясь по карьерной лестнице, он стал брокером, а потом и партнером A. A. Housman and Co., а через семь лет уже владел восьмой частью этой брокерской конторы. Источником его дохода служила часть комиссионных, получаемых им с каждой сделки клиента.

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