Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with RoboForex!


Hello, broker RoboForex Stocks запустили CFD на криптовалюты биткоин и эфириум(BTCUSD and ETHUSD). Who wanted to try with a small deposit now there is an opportunity to be in trend. I am thinking on my own account to make a couple of transactions with this new instrument.

Cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to the usual trading tools and are showing rapid growth rates. So, for the latest 8 months bitcoin has risen in price more than threefold, which once again attracted attention as professional traders, and newcomers to the foreign exchange market. Ethereum's growth rate is also impressive: if at the beginning of the year its price was only 8 USD, то сейчас – 292 USD.

In the fight against speculators in the United States intend to limit the activities of traders

Traders in the US may face a limit on the volume of positions on some commodities, like oil, wheat and gold.

The relevant proposal should be considered by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC). All restrictions may affect 28 types of goods, affecting corn futures trading, wheat, slaughter, oat, cotton, oil, fuel oil, gasoline, cocoa, milk, sugar, silver, palladium and platinum. In total, they will touch 400 companies. Continue reading “В борьбе со спекулянтами в США намерены ограничить деятельность трейдеров”

Interactive Brokers - CFDs on US stocks.

From this day on, InteractiveBrokers provides the opportunity to trade CFDs on US stocks, mostly, это акции из состава индексов SP-500 и NASDAQ-100….

From this day on, Interactive Brokers provides the opportunity to trade CFDs on US stocks, mostly, these are stocks from the SP-500 and NASDAQ-100 indices.

  • Commissions from 0.02% to 0,05%
  • Margin 10% (for those who prefer the term shoulder, this 1:10)
  • CFD prices will be in line with IB Smart Routing technology.


Think, it will be interesting to those, who has less deposits 25000, but want to play day trading, since the Daytrading pattern rules do not apply to CFDs. Well also, I know, many want to play with big leverage. Certainly, not 1:20 like in prop companies, but, in my opinion, quite enough

New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club

Created a new community in LiveJoying for people associated with New York Stock Exchange dfor the exchange of trading experience on it, ideas and news. Anyone can write their material in it, ask a question of interest and find an answer to it. We no longer have to search for information all over the Internet, everything you need to trade on the stock exchange will be in 1 place .

The group is brand new, I'm waiting for new active participants and a little PR from you, but most importantly active discussion of new topics and issues.

New York Stock Exchange Investors and Traders Club