How the attitude to trading determines the results of trading

Most traders focus on developing strategies for making money.. I do the same. There is no other way. Nevertheless, your attitude to trading is often the "missing link", the presence of which can lead to better results. To get a sustainable source of income, you should focus on the psychological part as well, as on trade figures. For those, who didn't trade much, it may seem a little strange. How Psychology Can Affect Tough and Cold Trading Numbers? After trading for several years, you will find, that everything is not so simple here, how it might seem at first glance, just the opposite. If you cannot follow the rules of your strategy, you just don't have a strategy. My results from the end 2011 years to summer 2012 the years were mediocre, to say the least. I conducted a deep analysis of my trading and came to the conclusion, that my attitude to trade was pulling me back. My trading strategies weren't bad, I …

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Correct setting of trader's goals

2013-th year is coming to an end, and so it's time to set goals for next year. We usually do this with the best intentions., but very often our goals are not destined to come true. And all this is because, that we set the wrong goals. Too Many Goals Simply put, you want everything at once. When setting a goal, traders often want to break the market, trade several thousand shares, learn several strategies and trade like traders with many years of experience. The best choice would be to narrow down your goal and hone your skills in a particular field.. When you wake up in the morning, you must be clear about, what exactly you need to focus on, to succeed. When you set too many goals, becomes unclear, how to manage your time wisely. In this way, you'll lose it even more., thinking, how to put all things in their places.

Never give up! Part 2

2. "Perseverance determines, what awaits you: success or defeat ". Аноним
Imagine a goal, which you sincerely strive for, as the top of a steep and slippery climb. А теперь представьте себе, that at the beginning of the way upstairs a heavy stone was put on your back.

What will you feel as you climb? Joyful excitement? Fatigue? Powerless irritation? If you fail […]

How to become more ambitious

Successful traders have a strong motivation to achieve their goals. Coaches and experienced traders have long noticed, that the best results in trading are achieved by those, who, relatively early in their life, set themselves the goal of achieving success. These are the people, persistent in achieving goals. It’s not easy to get them to give up their ideas.. They act on the edge of the possible, experience is accumulated, пока не достиг нут высочайшего уровня мастерства. In this process, they develop stone confidence.. They do it all, so quickly and independently, насколько это возможно. Если ваша цель дост ичь финансового успеха, it is in your best interest to show zeal to achieve the goal. Психологи изуча ли амбициозных людей десятилетиями. All these people she has in common. They work tirelessly, to achieve goals. They are open to new experiences, they constantly think about new ways to reach new heights. Однако наиболее интере сный аспект их личности заключается

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I'm a bummer and it's time to get it over with

I start trading normally since Monday. I usually make a couple of trades and close with a plus., it severely limits my profit. And then I do other things instead of increasing profits. I don't give it all 100% , I trade on 5-10% from their capabilities. People trade all day, to achieve such results, and I put in a minimum of effort and take my crumbs in comparison with what I could already achieve. It is necessary to increase the size of positions in 2-3 times and earn in 5-10 times more. My trading is based on statistical advantage over the market, the more deals, the more I earn by following my strategy. It's time to stop being lazy and slovenly, apparently I forgot how many years I had to go to my knowledge and decided to bury it, so much time and effort was spent, to take now and stop when everything goes well, well, I do not. I have to become a better trader ...

Psychological preparation for trading

The mental attitude before trading is very important for profitable trading.. When you are in a good mood and feeling well, your results will be very good even in a bad market., but if something bothers you or feels bad, tired or whatever, even in a good market, there are many chances to end the day in the red. You should always tune in before trading, throwing everything out of your head.. So that nothing bothers you, it is necessary to form the right attitude to the market. The market doesn't owe anyone anything! It's foolish to think, if i bought this share, he MUST grow. She SHOULD NOTHING. You only have probabilities. If events do not develop according to your scenario, immediately exit the deal. No need to get attached to what you want. It is necessary to adequately and soberly assess the situation. It's impossible to be right all the time.. We are all wrong. Our calculations are not always correct. Know where you will stay. Never lose control of a situation, создайте правила. Treat as profitable, так и к

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Target 2008 year completed

I fulfilled my goal that I set for myself on my first trading day on the NYSE . I am very happy, what reached her , I have new goals and big plans for the future. Next target in 7.5 times more than the previous one. I can, I do not have any other choice… This is my life and I must achieve all my goals., never backing down. P.S. Everyone can learn to trade, you just have to work hard and even more perseverance and faith in yourself. Everything will be, only time is needed ;-)

Smart thoughts of successful traders

Here are the rules from various sources., thoughts, the views of real professionals. 1. Treat losses as tuition fees. 2. Never enter the market, if losses exceed the established limit. 3. It is very bad to miss a trading signal – big profits can be missed. Every trading signal must be used. There is protection against losses – stop order, but against a missed opportunity – No. 4. It is necessary to correctly and always place a trade stop order inside. 5. The trading system must always be developed and adapted for a specific personality. 6. Any trading system has a period of a series of losses. 7. Focus on the trading process, not on the result.

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