BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange launched under the new name WEX

15 сентября представители закрывшейся криптовалютной биржи BTC-E опубликовали в Twitter-аккаунте компании информацию о возобновлении деятельности под новым названием — WEX. “We spent a lot of effort and energy, to create a new trading platform as soon as possible. Our site will conduct its activities in accordance with Anti-money laundering and Know your customer laws and world practices in this area ", — отметили представители биржи.

Interim results of an exchange startup

Exchange, as a startup. Sounds pretty unusual. A huge number of legal issues immediately come to mind, regulatory turmoil, etc.. It would seem that, just don't start like that. But, as many people know, there are successful attempts to resist the bureaucracy of the financial world. The history of this confrontation is, of course, largely a virtual component - electronic payment systems. And as we well know, world of software, albeit virtual, with due skill and perseverance, it is quite realistically monetized. The history of the development of such a confrontation / addition can be painted for a long time. But we will focus on one of the extreme events of this front: cryptocurrencies. And even narrow the narrative even further: cryptocurrency exchanges.

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