Moscow exchange will allow certain non-residents to trade

So far, only investors from countries will be able to sell shares, which Russia considers friendly Who will be allowed to trade and under what conditions Clients from countries, which were not included in the list of unfriendly states. The authorities of the Russian Federation approved such a list in March 2022 - countries, who imposed or supported sanctions against Russia: USA, EU countries, Japan, Australia and others. Investors from these countries are still unable to trade on the exchange. Non-residents from other countries will have the same access to the stock and derivatives markets, like the residents. But they will be subject to additional control.. Professional market participants - banks, brokers and management companies are required to identify non-resident clients and persons, who control them. There is an algorithm, by which professional participants check clients, and then transfer the information to the Moscow Exchange. The organization will add a new field to it, which, together with the customer's country code, defines, can a non-resident make transactions or not. By default, all clients will receive an indeterminate status.. For customers from Russia and Belarus, this will not change anything: they will be able to trade as before, explained Mosbirzha in the FAQ for professional participants. For a non-resident to gain access to trading, his bank, broker or manager must set the appropriate value. Information updated …

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Investidea: Robinhood, because now you can

Today we have a very volatile idea: take shares of the online broker Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) based on their rebound after a strong fall. Growth potential and validity: 27% behind 14 Months; 69,5% behind 4 of the year; 168,5% behind 10 years. Why stocks can go up: stocks are down hard - we can pick them up before the bounce.

Robinhood stock fell by 13% after another bad quarter

27 January online broker Robinhood reported for the fourth quarter of 2021. The number of active users of the platform has decreased, The company also gave a weak outlook for the current quarter.. In postmarket terms, HOOD shares fell by 13%, to 10 $. Financial Results Compared to the fourth quarter of 2020, Robinhood's total revenue grew by 14%, up to 363 million dollars. The same amount the company earned in the previous, third quarter, and analysts expected the same. The broker's main income is not commissions, and selling data on transactions of their clients to market makers in exchange for a part of the profit. Robinhood earned $264 million from this - same as in the previous quarter. Here, income from different instruments also did not change much quarter to quarter.: shares — $52 million; options — $163 million; cryptocurrency — $48 million. Cryptocurrency trade data revenue falls for second quarter in a row. So, in the second quarter of 2021, the company's revenue was $233 million, in the third - 52 million dollars. And that worries investors. Revenue per user for the year fell by 39%, from 106 to 64 $, and remained at the level of the previous quarter. The number of monthly active users compared to the previous quarter decreased from 18.9 to 17.3 million people. Analysts expected to see 19.8 million people. Quarterly loss amounted to $423 million, or 0,49 $ per share. This is more than the loss expected by analysts. …

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Обзор Freedom Holding: freedom of finance

Freedom Holding (NASDAQ: FRHC) is an American brokerage company originally from Kazakhstan. Her business is strong and marginal. But there are political risks. What do they earn in general, this is the same "Freedom Finance", which you all heard about: company from Kazakhstan, registered in the USA.

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