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Computer-controlled hedge funds take the lead

Artificial intelligence demonstrates its power again: hedge funds, which use algorithms, become leaders in efficiency ratings, what, Nevertheless, makes mathematicians and programmers the main components of successful investment. Ranked in the top of the reputable annual ranking of the best hedge fund fund managers, compiled by LCH investments (invests in other hedge funds and is part of the Edmund de Rothschild Group), entered DE Shaw, Citadel и Two Sigma. All three companies use the so-called “systematic strategies” – a generally accepted term for decision-making strategies with minimal involvement of the human factor. Non-zero predictability of market fluctuations is quantified by statistical processing of large volumes of observations of the joint behavior of market instruments.

The best bonuses for fund workers on Wall Street

Жизнь “buyers” on Wall Street is much better, than “sellers”. Hedge fund employees have higher pay and shorter hours, than those of investment bankers. Besides, the funds do not have a mandatory dress code and offer such benefits and privileges (from three free meals a day to a vacation at the expense of a company in the Bahamas), you can only dream of.

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